Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013...A Universal 6 Year

2013, a Universal 6 Year should be a year that includes an improvement of conditions in the economy, healthcare and medicine, and in relationships between countries and their citizens. The SIX influence should create an increased harmony in opposing points of view and if the awareness on the part of the powers that be is in tune, there should be a lessening of the extreme divisions and partisan attitudes that infect governments.

This is definitely a year for adjustments, re-assessments and working together in a responsible fashion. Other elements that are particular to the SIX energy and paramount to the improvements are in the realm of education and responsibilities and service to others. The indications also lean towards the possibility of more co-operation in governments and legislatures.

On the world stage, more effort will be directed towards solving problems internationally. It may be prudent to keep an eye on Syria and Iran as continuing shifts in their societies may result in a greater voice of the people. Worldwide this will be a year of increasing social movements coupled with a rise in social conscience. If conditions do not improve in a fair and equitable fashion, we may see the rise of radicalism in the public discourse.

The SIX year also indicates a stronger emphasis and focus on marriage, home, family and community and this may well be the year when the issue of gay marriage is once and for all settled, as society becomes more aware that equal rights for all means just that...equal rights! There should also be movement towards correcting many injustices judicially and through the law with the intent of improving conditions on all levels of society including perhaps, a greater focus on the elderly. As consciousness raises the energies will be more directed to the elements of love, understanding, the consideration of others, and the realization that we all hold responsibilities for everyone.

2013 has great potential for people to step up and take responsibility for the seeds which were planted in the ONE Universal Year (2008). A Universal Mind awareness will lend itself to ideals being raised and people gaining greater understanding of our inter-connectedness. Many of the changes begun in the FIVE Universal Year (2012) will take root as the responsibilities we all hold for our collective well-being are realized which will lead to a greater sense of well-being. 2013 is the year during which the housing market may finally begin to improve in a positive, growth-oriented fashion..

As with all years, the SIX vibration of 2013 also holds negative attributes and great caution is urged here as we could easily see the worst scenarios come to be. Sadly, and first and foremost, war could also be on the horizon. In history, World War I was begun in 1914 (a Universal 6 Year) and in 1941 (a Universal 6 Year) the United States entered World War II. 1968 (another SIX Universal Year, saw the assassination of two leading figures in politics and social movements in the United States) and the resulting social unrest was like anything ever seen in this country. We must all work to collectively emanate the vibrations of peace, co-operation and understanding with regards to human rights, equality and dignity.

2013 may also see a rise in cynicism coupled with an increase in the conservative movement and dialogue. Once again, it is imperative that the entire collective is taken into consideration in the context of legislation and policies. Social upheavals may be the result of policies that are not all-inclusive with situations such as those that appeared in 1968 beginning to emerge. Without positive action to overcome great inequities in society, poverty may become a greater issue. Other potential issues that may arise will be an increase in health problems, epidemics, hunger and homelessness. While not entirely a negative, conditions may exist that lead to the exposure of more widespread political dishonesty and chicanery. Doubt, mistrust, and hypocrisy will create a rise in political and geopolitical frictions which may lead to civil wars, social uprisings, or political coups.

If steps have not been taken in 2012 to correct the situation(s) in existence, we may see increasing problems in the housing market. A lack of responsibility on the part of political leaders could lead to a inability to fulfill social and financial commitments further exacerbating the schisms between governments and their citizens. The SIX energy may also lead to stubborn opposition to change and improvements as different factions become more intractable in their positions.

In closing, much of what transpires in 2013 will be determined by the changes that manifest in 2012 and by the willingness of all parties to work towards a more harmonious, responsible and loving world. You, the reader can do you part through the exercising and exhibition of such traits.

Do your part in continuing to make the world a better place for all.
Blessings of Love & Light
Michael John Fierro
©Copyright 2012-Reprinted with the express written consent of the author.
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