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Rabbo Tales II-Chapter 10

Trouble brewing

Rabbo was glad to be back at his mountain home after being away for a month and half at the new village. The village while it was on the coast had been so hot for Rabbo that he had made himself sick as he was not use to the heat. But he pointed out in his defense that while the humans could simply take more cloths off it was hard from his to remove his fur.
What had happened was that he and Yhva had been playing fetch and Rabbo had been chasing after a ball that Yhva would throw. Neither of them thought too much about it until Rabbo suddenly started get a monster headache and his muscles cramped and he had started to throw up. If Angus had not been there and knew what to look for in heat exhaustion Rabbo could have become very sick and even have died.
But Angus saw that Rabbo was in trouble and helped to cool him down slowly and safely by taking him in side and giving him a long room temperature shower and then sitting him in side drinking room temperature water. So that other than a pounding headache which was worse than any hangover that Rabbo had ever had there was no ill affects to Rabbo and the headache was gone within a few hours.
Bastet let in be known though the whole village that if anyone made Rabbo chase after anything or sent him running on an errand they would have to answer to her in lioness form and she was feeling hungry. So Rabbo was left alone to sit in the shade and relax after all the hard work that he had done before the Sirians had arrived.
Rabbo still did help but only early in the morning before it had got to hot and that was only after he had told Merwyn Bastet and Angus that he was getting bored and if they did not let him help he would pee in their drinks at night when they slept.
The voyage back to Athens by ship was restful and everyone including the sailors relaxed and enjoyed the trip across the sea. It has surprised Rabbo that after only one day of sailing they had come to an island where there was a large village and that part of the cargo that had been loaded was unloaded and a new cargo of copper was added to the tin and copper that was already on board the ship. Once the copper had been loaded on board the ship and placed down in the hold and fresh water and food taken on board the ship waited for the wind to pick up before it headed out into open water. The next time Rabbo saw land was about a day before they reached Athens as they raced up the coast with full sail.
Solee and Bastet had sat listening to Angus as they sailed up the coast as he talked about his childhood interest in sailing and that he remembered once seeing an old sailing ship that had been used to haul cargo on the oceans. He told them that he remembered how it was built and that if Solee wanted he would draw up plans and they could build a bigger and better trading ship.
Merwyn told Bastet and Rabbo later that he found it very funny that Angus was turning from a solider into a sailor and that being a trader would be the best thing for Angus as it was a new skill that would help him stay young.

Rabbo was glad to be home and while it had been just an hour since he, Merwyn, Bastet and Angus had arrived he was very surprised that there was no sign of Athena or Helena.
The three children had been playing in the garden digging a huge hole while Cat sat and watched and Rabbo’s mother, mischief and the rabbit kittens helped to dig. The three little girls were covered in mud and dirt as the rabbits had showered them in dirt as they had helped to dig the hole. They did not see Rabbo, Merwyn Angus and Bastet walking along the path as they stopped digging and started to throw mud bombs at each other and were having a grand old time getting mud and dirty.
Finally as Merwyn, Angus and Bastet stood watching the three girls looked up squealed in delight and climbed out of the hole and ran up to them. Merwyn introduced Angus to the three little girls and told them that he was Uncle Angus from Sirius and that he was an old family friend and was to be treated as a member of the family.
Then Merwyn asked where Athena and Helena were and the little girls answered that Athena and Helena were wrestling down by the rock pools. Merwyn took the three girls inside to get them cleaned and Angus and Bastet followed him into the house after Merwyn had apologized that girls had gone wild while he was away.
Rabbo was left with Cat, his mother, mischief and the young rabbits.
“Has there been anything going on while I have been away” Rabbo asked Cat.
“Oh some” said Cat.
“Some? What kind of answer is that” said Rabbo.
“New baby cow born. To village Athena and Helena go for a day. Come back with wool” said Cat. “Oh a new calf? That’s good news. And they went and got wool. Did it rain while I was away” said Rabbo.
“Rain hard with big wind. Tree in back of house fall” said Cat looking towards the end of the garden.
Cat jumped down from his high spot and walked over to the tall grass.
“Follow and hide” said Cat.
Rabbo followed Cat into the tall grass and they both crouched down and waited as Athena and Helena came walking up the path wearing nothing but smiles.

Athena and Helena had been down at the stream laying on the grass and being very passionate with each other. But now it was close to lunch time and their children would be getting tired so reluctantly they parted and stood up and walked back up to the house.
Both were glad that Athena had told Cat to watch over the girls and that if there were any problems to let Athena know so that they could run back and take care of the problems.
As they walked back they stopped often and kissed before continuing their walk back to the hole that the girls had started to dig with the help of the house rabbits.
As they reached the garden they could not hear the girls nor see Cat but they were not to worried that it was quiet.
“Cat must have taken them inside as they have to be getting tired by now” said Athena as she stopped and kissed Helena.
Helena giggled and pulled Athena closer as they kisses.
At that moment Rabbo and Cat leapt out at them.
“If I was a lion I would kill you and eat you” said Rabbo.
Athena started to laugh hard and Helena turned to look at her as Rabbo and Cat had given her quiet a shock when they had jumped out at her and Athena.
“I don’t think it’s that funny” said Helena trying to slow her racing heart.
“It’s a joke between Rabbo and myself” said Athena still laughing. “Oh that means dad is home”.
“Yes Merwyn is home and Bastet and Angus are with him” said Rabbo.
“Angus here” said Athena with her eyes going wide.
“Yes Angus came back with us. He is in love with Bastet’s girl friend Solee and she is in love with him” said Rabbo.
Helena looked around confused and pulled her long hair over her shoulders to try and cover her nakedness.
Athena giggled as Helena tried to cover herself with her long hair and hands and in doing so made her self look more wanton.
“Don’t worry about being naked darling” said Athena. “Bastet has seen you naked so has dad and well Angus will enjoy how you look anyway. Beside we Sirians see but don’t see nakedness”.
Once again Athena and Helena held each others hands and continued up the path towards the house.
They walked into the house and were greeted by Bastet and Angus who were sitting at the kitchen table talking.
“Umm where are the girls” asked Helena getting worried.
“Upstairs taking a bath as they were very dirty” said Bastet smiling and looking Athena up and down. “You two look like you could use a bath too as you smell all sweaty”.
Helena walked over to one of the chairs by the fireplace reached down and picked up a short toga that was lying on the chair.
She pulled it on over her head keeping her back to Angus and Bastet as she did so. She then turned around and smiled.

Ra sat with Anubis, Horus, Hathor, Nut, Seshat and Seth.
“That did not work as planned. That Bladud was quicker than I counted on and who ever that Yhva is could be a huge problem for our plans” said Ra.
“I tried to check Yhva’s aura while he slept but he has some very powerful shields and they did not drop when he went to sleep like they normally would” said Hathor.
“That worries me” said Ra.
“Worries you? It scares me” said Anubis. “If he is that powerful we don’t have a huge problem we have a major problem. Somehow we need to get him on our side and control him”.
“Anubis you don’t control someone that powerful” said Ra. “But you are right he is a major problem”
Ra turned and looked at Seth “How many abilities do you think he has”?
“I don’t know. The only way we can find out is meeting him in person” said Seth.
“That might not be advisable. If he is as powerful as we think that would be very dangerous. But if we could win him over that would be very useful for us in dealing with Merwyn. But remember he might be of that same point of view as Merwyn is” said Hathor.
“Let’s hope that he is none to intelligent and that we can use him” said Anubis.
“Even if he is intelligent we might still be able to use him. We can turn him by feeding what information we can that would turn his mind away from Merwyn. But we have to use the truth but only what helps us” smiled Ra.
“If we could get him here and use one of the local young women to turn his head we could get control of him. Or I could seduce him” said Hathor.
Ra laughed “No Artemis would be more useful for that. While her bedroom skills are not as good as yours she does have one thing that you don’t. And that’s good muscle control”
“Where is she anyway? I think she should be brought here to see if she would be willing to help” said Seth.
“Either in her rooms or entertaining some young man or both” said Hathor.
“She still holds the hope that she can have children here on this planet. After all she is the only one other than Bastet and Athena that has gotten pregnant. It was just a pity that she lost the baby when she was seven months pregnant” said Hathor. “Did she ever say who the father was”?
“It could have been anyone of us” said Anubis. “After all we all had sex with her in that time frame”.
Ra laughed and looked at Seth. “She is always so willing. Does she still sleep with you”?
“Every night even after she has been entertaining all day. But she still does not like other women in our bed” said Seth smiling.
“I know I have offered her many a time and she has always turned me down. Very nicely but she has never taken me up on that offer” said Hathor.
“Seth you would be ok if we used Artemis as bait for Yhva” said Ra.
“Oh yes I am ok with it. Beside she is not my only lover” said Seth smiling at Seshat.
Seshat blushed “I could seduce Yhva too. I might not be as skilled at either you Hathor or Artemis but I am willing. I feel that we should give Yhva as many to choose from as possible. Yet make in not look like that is what we are doing. We could use the local female things as well as Hathor, Artemis and me. Maybe Nut and Ma'at could help too. After all if we can get him to stay here and enjoy the pleasures we offer we can turn his mind to our needs and in doing so get rid of Merwyn, Athena and Bastet. Thus we would be able to take full control of this planet. Plus if he is able to get anyone of us pregnant or even one of the local female things we can start replacing these things on this planet and we can go ahead with out plan. Hathor refresh my memoir on what the plan was as I am still not sure on the details”.
“Later” said Ra looking at Seshat “Right now we need to work out what to do with Yhva as he is a problem. We need to be sure that we can turn his mind to our use”.
Anubis leaned forward and looked thoughtful for a few moments before he leaned back and looked out the opened door at the attendants that were waiting outside for Ra to begin this afternoon rituals that were part of daily life that kept the local people in line.
“What we need to know is this. What are his abilities? How intelligent he is. What his interests are. What kind of companion he would like. We don’t know if he likes females or males or both. We also need to know what his beliefs are and what he thinks about this planet and more importantly what his plans are if he has any at all” said Anubis.
“Very true” said Ra. “I will leave that all in your hands Anubis”.
Ra stood up and looked at Anubis, Horus, Hathor, Nut, Seshat and Seth one by one. Then he started towards the door.
Anubis turned to Horus “You have not said much. What do you think”?
“I think” Horus said slowly “That Yhva has his own plans. I also think that if he does he will do it without letting us or Merwyn know. The thing is that if we can find out what his plans are we might be able to adjust our plans to match his. Another option is that we split this planet between he and us. By doing that we can do our own thing and he can do his own thing. Thus we get what we want and he gets what he wants. But I don’t think he will be as much of an issue as we think he is. Our main goal has been for many years to get rid of Merwyn and his daughter. And we should stay focused on that goal. Too many goals at one time makes things harder. So to this aim I suggest that we focus on Merwyn and not this Yhva. I think we should wait and see what Yhva will do as he will show what he is in time. But we should stay on Merwyn and his daughter. If I were Ra and I am not. I would not worry about Yhva. We have time to deal with him. Let’s stay focused on Merwyn and get rid of him first. However if Yhva shows a dislike for Merwyn we can aid him and at the same time we kill two birds with one stone”.
“Well said and well spoken” said Hathor.
“What we need is a spy at both Merwyn’s and Yhva’s” said Horus. “I have just the thing in my household. I have bred a young man and a young woman that we could send to Yhva’s household and use them as spies. They are both innocent and I bred them that way as I was planning to offer than to you Hathor. But they would be more useful as spies”.
“Bred them for me” smiled Hathor. “That was very kind of you. Do you think giving them as gifts would be useful and how could they be used as spies”.
“Oh very useful indeed” said Horus smiling shyly. “You can see though their eyes and hear though their ears. Very useful in deed”.
“Were did you find their parents” asked Hathor.
“They are in my household. I stole their grand mother for Bastet. Or rather Bastet thought that she had been eaten by a crocodile. I have bred from her. I put her in a tank and wipe her memoirs and then keep breeding down from her. She had a sister you know that Bastet sent away to somewhere. If I could have had her I would have a matching pair and I could have more useful spies. As it is I have just four and out of those four just the two I am willing to send are useful. The other two are too young. The female is 3 years old and the male is eighteen months old. They will have to wait for me to umm open their little minds to be useful for us”.
“Does Ra know what you are doing” asked Anubis.
“Yes and he sees little use in my umm toys” said Horus laughing softly.
“Until now” added Hathor. “I would like to see these toys you have Horus”.
“I think there is no more we can do here today so let us adjourn until tomorrow” said Anubis.
Anubis, Nut, Seshat and Seth got up and left Hathor and Horus alone.
“I would like to see these two that you plan to send to Yhva as spies. I think we need to look closely at your breeding program as it seems that it has become very useful” said Hathor.

The brother and sister stood before Hathor and Horus. Both had their minds blanked and Horus and Hathor were linked mentally and where in the brother and sisters minds.
The young man turned and walked out the door into the courtyard where two gardeners were working and talking.
Hathor was very shocked that she felt as if it was her body and that she could see and hear as if she was there in the courtyard.
Horus had the young man turn around and walk back into the room and stand back in front of Hathor.
Horus had the young man sit down on the floor and then switched to the young woman.
But before he did he opened his eyes and looked at Hathor.
“You will like this” said Horus as he closed his eyes again.
Hathor felt as if she was the young woman but that she had no control over the body she was wearing.
She saw herself though the eyes of the young woman who was walking towards her.
“Can anyone control her” asked Hathor.
“I don’t know. Lets find out”.
“Her brother is he ok there sitting on the floor”
“Sure his mind is totally blank and empty. Like his sister he won’t remember a thing. How do you think I got her pregnant both times? Plus she does not know that the children she is caring for his hers and his. Ok now slip into her mind and open her eyes so that you can look though them” said Horus.
For the next two hours Hathor tried and tried but was unable to take control of the young woman. But in less than ten minutes she had full control of the young man and had learnt to control his mind, body and his senses.
“That was wild” said Hathor. “Being in his body and mine at the same time. But I won’t be doing that again as it is very hard to control his body”.
“I am glad to hear that” said Ra standing in the door way looking at Hathor and Horus.
Hathor sat up and looked at Ra.
“These two are very useful and I think we can use them to spy on Yhva. Did Anubis report to you what went down in the meeting after you left” said Hathor
“Yes he did and I have been watching you four for a while” said Ra looking at Hathor and smiling. “I am glad to see that you have not wasted your time Horus and that these two will make perfect gifts for Yhva”.
“Thank you Ra. I am glad you like them. Now I would like something in return for my hard work” said Horus.
“You have earned a reward for your hard work” said Ra smiling.
“I need fresh gene stock and you have a woman in your household that has good genes I want her” said Horus.
“Which one I have many” said Ra.
“The tall red head with the long legs that you have follow you around” said Horus. “Hmm she is a good pet almost intelligent” Ra looked thoughtful for a moment. “Let me have Nut clone her and she will be yours”.
“Thank you Ra if things work out as I plan I could have more of these useful things to help us” said Horus looking at the young woman thoughtfully.
“I will leave you four alone for your fun. But I want those two play things ready in two months as I plan to send them to Yhva as a gift of peace”.
Ra walked out of the room leaving Hathor and Horus alone with the young man and woman.

Rabbo sat at the dinner table with Merwyn, Athena, Bastet, Helena and Angus.
The children had gone to bed at their normal time but the adults had not eaten with them as the meal that Helena had cooked for them had taken far longer than normal.
“I have not eaten like this in so many years that I lost count” said Angus. “It’s truly a pleasure to sit down in a house and just eat good food”.
Helena blushed at Angus’s complement and looked down at her plate.
“Do you remember my mother” asked Athena looking right at Angus.
“Oh yes she was a very beautiful woman. She could at times seem very distant to people. I guess I can’t blame her as she was well umm incredible beautiful. Merwyn was lucky to win her heart as every man wanted her and most woman too” Angus paused and looked thoughtful for a moment. “It must have been hard on her as she exuded such sex appeal and had such beauty that words really can’t even come close”.
“Really” said Athena “tell me more about my mother as I really don’t remember that much about her”.
“To see how beautiful she was all you have to do is look in the mirror. You could pass for her twin young lady. I remember the night I first met her” Angus said closing his eyes so that he could relive the moment. “It was a cool winter’s night and your father had invited me and my Bess over for dinner. Your mother greeted us at the door. You see we had just moved to the area as we were hiding as we had just got our son back from the council of Toner. It was the only time I saw my dear Bess smile. Well there was the tall beauty dressed in a long purple dress that was almost see though. I remember thinking though the whole dinner that Merwyn umm your father was so lucky. I still laugh to myself as later I heard her nic name. “The ice princess”. Well anyway once dinner was over Merwyn and myself sat outside drinking wine while my Bess helped Isis your mother clean up. Hmm you know they were gone far longer than it should of taken to wash the dishes. Over two hours I think. Anyway your mother was so beautiful and funny too. I remember other times that we had dinner with your mother and father. But that one stays with me the most as my Bess was so happy that night”.
Merwyn smiled at Angus. “You know that Isis was trying to heal your wife that night”
“Yes Bess told me. She loved Isis you know” said Angus sadly. “Not that I minded them having sex. It helped Bess a little. But in the end Bess just could not take what they had done to our son. I can’t blame her really. I tried to die too”.
“Was Toner and his followers that bad” asked Helena. “You see I only have what Merwyn, Athena and Bastet have told me to go on”.
“I don’t know what Merwyn told you but more than likely he has down played how bad they were. I heard a story when I was recovering from my wounds after the battle of Albayand. That’s were Merwyn’s forces were betrayed and encircled. The way I heard the story is that there was just Merwyn and ninety eight others left. Ra, Anubis, Horus, Thoth, Seth, Hermes, Ares, Kronos, Dionysus, Ma'at, Nut, Seshat, Hathor, Hera, Artemis, Aphrodite and Bastet being among them. Toner had Isis and you Athena who they had captured brought to where Merwyn and his force was surrounded and told Merwyn that if he did not surrender that you and your mother would be tortured and then killed very slowly in front of him and his troops. What your father did not know was that Hermes had already made a deal that all the survivors would go into exile on this planet that we are now on” Angus paused and looked at Merwyn. “I’m so sorry my friend that he made you suffer like that. I know how heart breaking it had to be for you. I seem to recall that Hermes had told Toner where Isis and Athena could be found. But I am not sure. But if he did and I am pretty sure he would do something like that I will have revenge for you my friend so that your hands are clean. I will get the information out of him and I will make him suffer like he made you and the others suffer”.
Bastet laughed and looked at Angus.
“You won’t have to. He suffers and will suffer forever. I made sure of that” said Bastet smiling and leaning back and sipping on her wine.
“Bastet locked his mind up and kept his body alive” said Rabbo who had been listening intently.
“You don’t upset my aunty and get away with it” said Athena leaning over and snuggling against Bastet.
“Your aunty” asked Angus.
“I am Isis’s younger sister” said Bastet as she pulled away from Athena and stood up walking to the kitchen area and turning.
“But your face Bastet” said Angus.
“The result of spending ten years as a lioness” said Merwyn laughing.
Suddenly Bastet grow a little taller her face changed into that of Isis her body became thinner.
“Athena go and stand next to Bastet a second” said Rabbo.
Athena walked over and stood side by side with Bastet. Together they looked like twins sisters.
“Helena could you join them” Rabbo asked.
Helena walked over and stood between Athena and Bastet and while Athena and Bastet looked like twins Helena looked like a younger sister of Athena and Bastet.
Rabbo heard a faint sob and turned and looked at Merwyn who had tears running down his cheeks. Helena ran over and wrapped her arms around Merwyn to comfort him. Athena ran over and also wrapped her arms around Merwyn.
“Let it out dad” said Athena softly as Merwyn cried.
By the time Merwyn had regained his composure it was very late and Angus was yawing and trying to stay awake.
Angus was lead into the living room that had been turned into a bedroom for his visit while Helena led Merwyn upstairs to his room.
Athena and Bastet stood together in the kitchen looking at each other.
“I did not know that your father represses his feelings about your mother that much” said Bastet. “I did not mean to make him cry”.
“I know darling” said Athena moving into Bastet arms. “I guess that was why it was so easy for me to seduce him and to get pregnant”.
“I think so” said Bastet.
“Why was letting him cry good” asked Rabbo who was sitting under the table cleaning his paws.
Athena sat down on the floor and looked at Rabbo. She crossed and uncrossed her legs before she brought her knees up and hugged them into herself.
“Well Rabbo dad represses his feelings about things. He holds his emotions in and while it gives him control of himself its not good to let those feelings build up in him. If you don’t let them out once in a while they turn bad in you and come out in other ways” said Athena smiling at Rabbo.
“So why does Merwyn not let those bad emotions out” asked Rabbo.
“I don’t know. Maybe it’s because of all the horror he saw” said Athena thoughtfully.
“It was horrible” said Bastet as she came over sat down behind Athena and wrapped her arms around Athena’s shoulders.
Athena turned and kissed Bastet’s nose “How do you know”?
“I was there. How do you think I got saved? I was a medic. The horrors I saw on that campaign. It was my first and only campaign and I joined it late. I am glad I did and yet I wish I had not seen that horror. What little I saw your father saw for years and years. After all he did how many tours as an oath keep under Toner? Was in ten or twelve? That takes a toll on someone. And as tough as your dad seems he needs an outlet. And you are giving him that outlet well you and Helena are. Plus why do you think I have that nasty side to my nature. I don’t see myself as a good person. After all if I was a good person I would have forgiven Hermes like your father did and I would not be so mean and tough. And beside I did played goddess for a while and I did things I am not proud of when I played goddess” said Bastet.
Bastet stood up and reached down and took Athena’s hand pulling her to her feet and turning Athena around and kissing her.
“Let go to bed as I need some stress release. And the sound of Merwyn and Helena going at it is turning me on” said Bastet.

Rabbo awoke in the twin’s bedroom that they were sharing with Diana. The room was quiet and empty. The only sound he could hear was a thump thump thump coming from the next bedroom that was Athena’s.
Rabbo slipped off the toy box that he had dragged his pillow onto and hopped out of the bedroom and hopped over to Athena’s bedroom. He was about to enter when he heard giggling laughing and panting so instead of hopping in he turned and hopped down the hallway to the bathroom.
After he had taken care of his morning needs he hopped down the stairs to get breakfast.
From outside Rabbo could hear the sound of steel blades clashing and ringing as they hit each other. So he grabbed his little sword raced outside think that Ra had sent a force and that the house was under attack.
“And prey tell what you are going to do with that little knife rabbit” said Angus who had a thin sword in his hand.
Rabbo ignore the question and looked at Merwyn “I thought that we were under attack or something”.
“And if we were what could you do with that little toy sword rabbit” said Angus putting his hands on his hips.
“Don’t tease him” said Merwyn “you might not live to regret it”.
Rabbo snickered as he knew that Angus had the reach on him with his sword. But Rabbo thought it was best to pretend that he was brave so he pulled his sword and hopped over and looking up at Angus.
Angus started to laugh as Rabbo looked up at him and so Rabbo hit Angus on the shins with the flat sword of the swords and bounced off so that he was now behind Angus.
“That will teach me” said Angus laughing.
Merwyn laughed “Angus the rule when training with Rabbo is that what ever part of the body he hits you can’t use. So now you can’t use that leg”
Rabbo who was still behind Angus bounced in and whacked Angus on the back of his leg before he bounced off.
Angus stood on one leg and turned around to face Rabbo.
“Ok let’s get a little safer here and stop this for a moment while I get wooden swords so that you two don’t end up hurting each other too badly” said Merwyn.
Merwyn returned carrying two long wooden swords and a short Rabbo size sword. He handed Angus a long sword and Rabbo his short sword and stood back.
Rabbo and Angus circled each other and each looked for an opening in the other. Then with lightening speed Rabbo moved in and hit Angus on the back of his leg before moving fast out of the way.
Angus hopped on one leg and looked at Rabbo carefully.
“I can see that I have a problem here” mused Angus as he waited for Rabbo to move in for another pass and attack.
Rabbo moved in and side stepped Angus thrust but was unable to get a strike in or make a hit.
Rabbo circled around Angus trying to get him off balance and was unable to do so. Rabbo then tried a faint attack again to throw Angus off but that failed too. In the end Rabbo moved straight in blocked Angus first thrust but ended up taking a full hit to his back but at the same time Rabbo’s wooden swords hit Angus in the main artery that ran down the of his leg.
“You are tough Rabbo” said Angus. “That hit to your back was a lucky shot and your hit to the main artery on my leg would mean that if I did not get medical treatment fast I would have bled out and died”.
Rabbo, Merwyn and Angus sparred for about an hour more until the three of them where hot and sweaty from the work out.
Athena and Bastet sat and watched them sparring from Athena’s bedroom window while Helena took care of the children.
As Rabbo Merwyn and Angus sat catching their breath Helena came out with a tray of fresh fruit juice and freshly baked cookies. She sat the tray down on the chopping stump and handed Angus and Rabbo their drinks before walking over kissing Merwyn and handing him his drink.
Helena sat next to Merwyn and snuggled into him while Rabbo and Angus caught their breaths after the work out.
“You know Rabbo you might be small but you have speed and skill on your side. Plus one thing that no one would ever expect. You look like a rabbit you act like a rabbit and that in its self is a weapon that no one would expect. A rabbit that fights back” said Angus.
“There is more than just his skill with a sword Angus” said Merwyn breaking from a kiss with Helena. “Rabbo show him what other umm weapons you have”.
Rabbo looked up at Angus and winked before he started to float up into the air. He came to rest at eye level with Angus. Then Rabbo looked towards the semi wild rabbits that were eating the fresh young grass.
The semi wild rabbits suddenly line up in nice neat ranks and started to march towards Angus Merwyn and Helena. As the got closer they broke into three groups and formed a circle around Angus.
“Ok king of the rabbits” said Angus laughing softly.
Rabbo let the semi wild rabbits return to their fresh grass and eating and looked at Angus with a mean look on his face.
One wooden log floated though the air and landed at Angus feet. Then Rabbo hopped away and returned with a small bucket of water. Rabbo looked at the log and sudden the log burst in to flames. Rabbo picked up the bucket of water and threw it over the burning log.
“Oh very cleaver” smiled Angus “I won’t worry about you to much in a fight then. But I am glad you are on my side. You are on my side right”?
“I am on your side Angus” said Rabbo.
As they sat talking and enjoying the spring morning sunshine the semi wild rabbits cropped the grass and moved away from the house slowly and back towards their warren.
Out of the house walked two lioness with Wenna and Merryn ride on the back of one and Diana riding on the back of the other.
The two lionesses had their tails entwined and walked close together as the moved towards Merwyn Helena Rabbo and Angus.
“I did not know you had lions” said Angus.
“We don’t” answered Merwyn looking at the two lionesses that had just dropped of the girls and were heading off down the pathway towards the stream and rock pools.
“Oh” said Angus as he watched the two lionesses disappear out of sight.
Helena snuggles back into Merwyn and whispered in his ear before she started to nibble gentle.
Merwyn kissed Helena gentle smiled slyly “yes in a few girl”.
Rabbo looked at Angus. “I wonder what is going on at the new village”.
“I don’t know. But I am glad to be away from there. As much as I liked Bladud the others were a little much. So unorganized and so lazy. Well not lazy just not in a hurry to do anything. If Lexsan had not gotten on everyone’s back we would still be on the forth planet and Bladud would still be working on the ship. I do miss him but not the others. Beside I found the one thing that I thought I would never find again. I just wish Solee was with us here” said Angus.
“I want to see what’s going on and if Bladud is still leader. I know it’s only been one weeks since we left but I wonder” said Rabbo.
Rabbo looked at Angus “shall we go and have a look. I will need help as it’s at the limit of my range”.
“You can ride with me. I am pretty sure that it’s within my range. It’s not as far as Ra’s area is it” asked Angus.
“It should keep us two busy for a while” said Rabbo to Merwyn on his private telepathic mode. “It’s clear to me what she wants and needs as I am getting good at reading humans”.
“She told me what she wants and needs and I am glad that you are keeping Angus busy as I did not want to seem rude and leave Angus alone while I have fun with Helena. Thank you Rabbo” answered Merwyn on the same mode.
Rabbo turned to Angus and hopped over. “Ok let’s get going and see what’s going on at the new village”.
Rabbo and Angus linked minds and closed their eyes and slipped out of their bodies and headed towards the new village.
As they reached the village everything looked pretty much the same other than lots of covered stalls around the village square and lots of people walking around looking at the stalls and talking.
“Market day” asked Angus.
“It looks like it to me. That was fast how they got that set up. Just one week and they have a market” said Rabbo.
They moved away from the village square and looked at the gardens that had young plants but nothing that could be sold in the market. They moved out over the village walls and looked at the farms that Bastet had set up and again there was nothing worth selling.
“That’s strange I don’t understand why they would hold a market if they don’t have anything to sell from the farms of gardens” said Angus.
“There are others things that they can sell. Such as fish and copper and tin as well as anything that they could make” answered Rabbo. “Let’s look at the stalls and see what they are selling”.
They moved back to the market and the first stall they stopped at had butter and dairy produces on it. They moved to the next one and there was wild game and eggs. The one next to that had leather and leather goods. And so it went with each stall well stocked with things that were very local.
The last stall was loaded with fresh fish and cooked fish and was doing a roaring trade with the cooked fish that people were buying and eating. The fish was cooked in some kind of golden brown crust that the visitors seemed not be able to get enough.
“Just wait until Bladud’s potatoes are ready and they would not be able to hold onto the fish and chips to save their lives” said Angus.
Rabbo and Angus drifted slowly towards the main administration building. As they entered they saw Bladud, Yhva, Brighid, Aerten and Erin talking with some of the village elders from the other village. A few of the new local villages walked in and joined the group.
“I am glad you could come” said Yhva.
A young man turned and spoke to the group of village elders in their language then listened while they spoke.
“They say that they are much delighted with the windmill and that they have lights in their village meeting place. They are also delighted that they have running water to the village market. But they wonder if it is too soon for you to have weekly markets”.
“Tell them that I agree. But I wanted to see how it would work. Maybe it would be better that we wait until next year but in the interim a market just once a month should do. But on to other matters at hand” said Yhva. “I need their help with something”.
The young man spoke to the elders and then listened while the answered.
“They say that they would like to hear what you need help with before they say yes” said the young man.
“I am interested in what they know about the people to the south by the great river. I think they call it Egypt” said Yhva.
The young man spoke and the listened.
“They say that there is much that they can tell you. Very much and some is good and other things are bad. But it would take time for them to explain. But today would not be a good day to talk as soon the day will be hot and that is the time for the afternoon rest”.
Yhva turned and looked at Bladud, Brighid, Aerten and Erin “I don’t like that custom of theirs of resting in the afternoon. It seems such a waste of time if you ask me”.
“I agree” said Erin.
“Umm Yhva” said Aerten as she winced at something.
“Just a moment” said Yhva holding up his hand as not to be interrupted by Aerten.
Bladud looked at Aerten and took her hand “Is it time”?
“Yes. Please take me to the med lab. The contractions are getting close. I knew I should never come along” said Aerten breathing hard.
Bladud and Aerten left the main room and headed towards where the med lab had been set up.
Once they were out of the room Yhva turned and looked at Erin.
“I think we should help” said Erin to Brighid.
Brighid and Erin left so that of the Sirians only Yhva was left.
Yhva turned to the young man and smiled.
“Explain to them that I have a nice cool room where we can sit and talk about what information they will give me” said Yhva.
The smile was gone from Yhva’s face as he turned and looked at the village elders and the few locals.
As if all of the same mind they walked with Yhva to what had been Bastet’s office. As they entered the room Rabbo and Angus saw the door remain open but the room seemed to shimmer. As the drifted forward they found that they could not enter the room nor hear what was being said or done inside.
Rabbo and Angus waited and waited and in the end they gave up waiting and drifted outside.
The village square was almost empty and what few people there were where walking towards one of the houses. So Rabbo and Angus followed along and saw that it was like a village bar with lots of people sitting around talking.
Some of the people were taking naps and others were drinking juice, water or wine and talking softly as to not bother those that were napping.
Rabbo and Angus returned to their bodies and opened their eyes and looked at each other a little confused by what they had seen involving Yhva, the village elders and the locals.
“Something is wrong with that whole thing” said Rabbo looking at Angus with a confused look on his face.
“I know. That was some very heavy shields Yhva is using. Very heavy indeed” said Angus thoughtfully. “We need to talk to Merwyn about it and the screen he used is very heavy mental mind work indeed”.
“Umm Merwyn is a little busy I think” said Rabbo.
“Oh yes that’s right. He and Helena are having some afternoon delight” smiled Angus. “I wish that Solee was here. But if she was we would not of seen what we saw”.
“Very true. You like Solee don’t you” asked Rabbo.
“Yes I do. She looks acts and behaves like my Bess when I first met my Bess. You know that Solee is part Sirian? I don’t know how Bastet did it but Solee has Sirian blood in her. It’s not just that Solee looks like my Bess. It’s how she talks, walks, smells and even her moods. Maybe Merwyn is right about how the soul is reborn over and over again. I wonder if that is the case could I being my Bess back” said Angus musing very thoughtfully. “No that would be wrong of me as Solee is her own person”.
“Maybe there is a way of waking up Bess if she is the spirit of Bess” said Rabbo thoughtfully.
“Yes it would be nice to have Solee as she is but with the memoirs of Bess” said Angus softly. “But to bring back Bess to replace Solee would make me worse than Toner”.
“I wonder if that could be done. I mean Solee to be Solee but to know all that your Bess knew” said Rabbo thoughtfully.
“Yes it would be. But I don’t know how it could be done and the fact that if she was my Bess and I brought her back that would mean that Solee would have to go. And then there would be the issue that Bess took her own life and the life of our son because of what the priests of Toner did to him. I mean what if Bess did it again. Or if Solee had all the memoirs of Bess and knew that she had killed her own son and then took her own life. How would Solee handle that? I don’t know if I could handle that. I lost Bess once and to find a wonderful woman that looks acts smells and behaves like my Bess twice in a life is more than any man could ask for. And this time we don’t have Toner to bother us” said Angus very softly as if talking to himself.
“You loved her deeply” asked a naked Bastet that was sitting right behind Rabbo and Angus.
Angus turned and looked at Bastet “yes I did and do. I see much of her in Solee. Not just her looks but as I told Rabbo. How she acts talks smells and in love making too. Such passion as if she was my Bess”.
“So it’s Bess you still love and not Solee” asked Bastet.
“I don’t know” said Angus.
“She love you does Solee” said Bastet putting a hand of Angus’s shoulder.
“And I love her. I think I love her? I don’t know if I love her because she reminds me of my Bess or because she loves me. The thing is I want her to be happy. I want her to have the best life she can have. I want her to be free so that she can do what she wants” said Angus softly.
Rabbo had been sitting quietly watch and listening to Angus and Bastet talking about how Angus loved Solee. He wondered what love was and if it was not just something brought on by hormones or if it was a deep feeling like Merwyn had told him about. Was love something that was more than just an emotional state and he was yet to know and feel? Was love more than just a reaction? Rabbo did not know.
Rabbo looked around for Athena and the girls but there was no sign of them. In fact other than Bastet and Angus there was no one around although he could hear Helena and Merwyn as the window to his front room was open.
Rabbo turned back to Angus and Bastet.
“I don’t understand what love truly is” said Rabbo.
“To be honest Rabbo I don’t think anyone truly does. I mean the word it’s self is very simple and used for some many things. But what the feeling of love is, is so far beyond what the word means” said Bastet smiling. “I mean I can say that I love my children beyond my own well being. I can say that I love Athena beyond my own welfare and I can say the same about Solee. But those are words and do not explain what I honestly and truly feel. I know that I so want to be back at my home and my village as I so miss my children and being gone as long as I have I just want to hold them and hug them and tell them how much I miss them” Bastet turned and looked at Angus. “I think we should leave tomorrow and get back to my village. It’s only three days walk from here”.
“First we need to talk to Merwyn about what Rabbo and I saw at my old village” said Angus.
Athena came walking out of the house carrying a short toga for Bastet.
Athena was dressed in a very short white skirt that was so short that it hide very little. The tube top she had on was very tight showing the curves of her body and the white knee high stockings matched the rest of the outfit giving her a youthful look.
Athena walked over handed Bastet the toga she was carrying and then sat in Bastet’s lap before she lifted her feet off the ground and snuggled into Bastet.
“Where are the children” asked Bastet.
“Taking their nap. Which means we have time for us” said Athena.

It was at the dinner table that Angus at last got to speak to Merwyn about what he and Rabbo had seen at the new village.
The reason that it had taken most of the day was due to the fact that Merwyn and Helena had gone up to Merwyn’s room and Bastet and Athena had asked Angus and Rabbo to watch the children while they too went off and had some private time alone.
In the end Angus and Rabbo had watched the children as well as cooked dinner for everyone including the children.
After the children had been taken upstairs by Athena and Helena and Angus explained all that he and Rabbo had seen and what they had witnesses with the village elders from the other village and what Yhva had said to the village elders before he had taken them into the room.
“Hmm sounds like he wanted a private chat with them about Ra” said Merwyn.
“Yes I think so too. Don’t you agree Rabbo” said Angus.
“Oh yes very much so. But putting up a screen could mean that he was aware of Angus and me” said Rabbo.
“Yes that is very possible. Did you two go in stealth mode” asked Merwyn.
“No we did not think of that” said Rabbo.
“I guess there was no reason for you to think that you would need to be in stealth mode” said Merwyn thoughtfully.
“We should of thought of it” said Rabbo.
“No harm done other than Yhva knowing that we are watching him” said Merwyn.
“I don’t trust him as I said there is something about him” said Bastet.
“I know Bastet but as yet he has not given us reason to not trust him” said Merwyn.
“Putting up a screen and using coercion on the locals and village elders is not enough” said Bastet.
“He could have been just acting carefully so that Ra would not be listening” said Merwyn.
“That’s possible. It is just common sense to act carefully” said Angus thoughtfully.
“I still don’t like him or trust him. As I keep saying there is something about him that I don’t like. But what it is I can’t put my fingers on” said Bastet.
Athena and Helena came walking down the stairs followed Wenna, Merryn, and Diana. The children were dressed in their night cloths and they walked over to Rabbo and looked at him.
“Weed us a story wabbo” said Wenna.
“Yes a story Rabbo” said Diana jumping up and down.
Rabbo slipped off his chair and hopped off to the living room followed by the children.
“Athena what do you think of Yhva” asked Merwyn.
“Oh I think he is cute. A little boyish but cute” said Athena smiling. “Why what is going on”
Merwyn explained to Athena what Rabbo and Angus had told him and what they had been talking about before she and Helena had come back down the stairs.
“I would have done the same thing. I might not have used coercion but if time was pressing I might have just to get the information that I needed and needed fast. We might want to look in on Ra. To me it seems that Yhva is just being careful that’s all” said Athena.
They all agreed that it would be a good idea to look in on what Ra was up. They all agreed that it was very possible that Yhva had seen something going on and was reacting accordingly to deal with any possible threat that Ra might be to him and his village.
“I also think that he has made himself leader of the village. Which might be a good move for the village as he does seem to have that way of leading people” said Athena. “And if he has it could be for the best in regards to the village”.
The sat at the table debating all the possible out comes of Yhva being the village leader and what that might entail. Then they debated what Ra might be up too and all the possible outcomes of the ideas they had.
Halfway though the debate Rabbo came back with the children and the children where taken upstairs and put to bed.
It was about two hours later when the only thing that had been agreed on was that they would keep a closer eye on Ra and Yhva that Bastet remembered that she had told Angus that they should head back to her village soon.
“Oh Angus and I will be leaving in the morning as I miss my children and I want to get back to my village” said Bastet.
Well darling if you must go then you must. So let’s go to bed and spend our last night together” said Athena.

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