Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Love, Not Fear

Why would you be afraid to look within, fearful of what you think is in there? Does not the love of The Universe overcome all that we would choose to perceive as flawed?

Fear associated with sin the ego would see as entirely appropriate and smiles upon you in approval. The ego is not alone. Its rule is tempered by its unknown enemy, which it cannot see. What it cannot see, it fears.

The ego tells you not to look within, it tells you if you do you will see the “sins” for which you must answer to the Universe, to your God, and be struck blind. This you choose to believe! Your faith in a fear that you can neither see nor understand is the true source of fear for you.

This presents to those who are willing to "see", a double negative!
  • What if you looked within and saw no negatives?
  • What if you looked within and saw nothing upon which the ego has cast its control?
  • What if you saw only the love over which there is no control, because love “Is”?
  • What if you looked upon the illusion you have created of a life controlled by fear and choose in that instant to awaken from the dream you have been living and see yourself as beyond the control of fear and of the ego?
Is this not the moment of your own resurrection? This week my friend, I wish for you a life beyond control by fear of the unknown, instead to be replaced by life filled with the love of the known.

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  1. RevJamesRDonk (JamesRD)April 2, 2013 at 12:05 PM

    Weare born out of and with love... We learn fear... Seek within for truth :)