Tuesday, April 2, 2013

On Trek

I was recently talking to some friends online, and we got into discussing our old cult-like religion. We all left the religion, for some of us it has been awhile since we left, for others it is a new experience coming out of this cult like religion.

The problem we all faced was what do we do now? Should we start going to other religions right away, and if so which one?

Most of us that had left the religion decided to take the time to step back from all religions, man-made teachings and all the different avenues of a spiritual approach to life, and look within ourselves deeply. We all needed to take the time to notice where we were, where we are, and figure out what makes us happy. We are here, on this planet, each with our own journey. So we should be looking at our own journey as just that, ours alone. Most of us had to abide by the choices our parents made for us, but it is possible it just isn’t a perfect fit. I might add there is nothing disrespectful in finding our own nitch in beliefs.

One needs to find out what they like and dislike. We should walk thru the trees and along the beach if we can. The old saying, take the time to smell the flowers truly is great advice. We need to clear our head and start over in our thinking, feeling, seeing, and tasting life. We do not want to jump out of the fire into the frying pan. We need to see the world thru our own eyes of understanding, and our own light and love, not someone else’s.

When we hug a tree, we know that God made that tree. He made everything. So becoming one with all things is a great start on our new chapter in our trek thru this life. It never hurts to talk aloud to the universe, God, etc. Our thoughts become alive once we think them, but I like to picture them traveling thru the universe once they are airborne.

We need to say thank you also for everything in our life. Gratitude is a great quality to have. Maybe our leaving the religion is traumatic, but being grateful we are not there anymore because it no longer SERVES US and moving on with our life is something to smile about. I am not saying it is wrong to be in a religion, if one is happy there, then that is where they belong. But choosing cult like institutions that control our every thought in life, is not using our free will, it is more like letting our free will become stomped on.

My advice is to take the time to indulge in reading whatever suits your fancy. Take the time to find who you are and what motivates you. Always be happy in your pursuits, and if it feels right, then it is right, FOR YOU. Of course, we would never judge another in what they decide, but what we do, do it for us, and not for someone else.


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