Tuesday, April 2, 2013

His Real Mother

Dedicated to my dear friend Cathy
A cry in the night,
For a hug, secure and tight.
A reassuring word,
In his fear, he heard.
Pit-a-patter on the floor,
Handprints on the door.
Giggles, tender and sweet,
Mud filled footprints from little feet.
A bruised knee,
Climbing a tree.
A tear kissed away,
Love grows every day.
Given to you, only six weeks old,
Bravely, the truth was told.
In trust with God above,
he was given for you to love.
He may not look like you,
But, you come out in all he will do.
You’ve helped him through school,
And watched him act cool.
A young man stands before your eyes,
You’ve learned the joys of parental ties.
A stranger came along with a desire to know,
A baby, she years before let go.
Curiosity is what he must feel.
What you have no one may steal.
Be sorry for all she has missed,
And be thankful for his bonding kiss.
Any woman can give life to another,
But only you are “His real Mother”.
©March 4, 2013 Wendy Shepard-Kalan
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