Saturday, June 1, 2013

I'll smile for You, today

There ain't a day goes by
that I don't miss you
and it makes me cry,
that I can't kiss you,
Hold you, touch your face,
and say, "hey,
it's All goin' to be OK,
We'll make it,
you'll see,
whatever will Be,
will Be".

With, or with Out you
you're next to me, Now,
We knew that our Love
would survive, somehow.

Because you're not Here,
my Love, ...doesn't Die
it's right there, ...with You
and, it's Alive,, inside
Yes, my Heart beats stronger,
when I think of You
and Yes, it beats longer,
You see,?...Our Love, is the Glue

that holds Me, together
when I'm breakin' up
you told Me, forever
Now, you're raising me up,

Right, there, in your heart
so my Love can Kiss you.
there's not a day that could start
that I won't Miss you

I'll smile for You, today
I'll feel the sun on my face
I'll smell a flower, or cake,
and tell someone I Love them.
not tomorrow
we know All,
about tomorrows,
don't We...?

Yes, I'll smile for You, today.
and Tomorrow
©Phillip Hennessy
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