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Rabbo's Tales II, Chapter 15

The game begins

 Yhva sat with his eyes closed watching as Merwyn and his family walked towards the wooded area that was heavily shielded. He could see the shield with his astral eyes very clearly now and he knew that he could break though it with easy if he so wished. But as yet he had no need to as that was not his plan.
 Yhva was more interested in Athena than he was about his long range plans to atone for the sins of his father and grand father. There was something about Athena that had left him very unsettled from the moment he had first met her.
 It was almost like he could not control his emotions and when she had been dancing with him it was all he could do to control himself and not to make a fool out of himself while dancing.
 Yhva moved in closer to get a better view of Athena as he wanted one last look before she disappeared behind the shield that covered the area that she lived.  As Athena walked though the shield Yhva started to withdrew but as he did so he saw another aura near the stream that came out from the woods.  Yhva reacted at once and slipped into stealth mode and moved down to get a better look at who it was that was watching.  He did not want to use the term spying as that would mean that he too was spying and in his mind he was watching over Athena and not spying on her.  As he looked closer at the other aura he knew that it was not Ra but it had to be one of his followers and he did not know.
 So Yhva watched and waited until the aura started to move away and head towards the south.  Yhva followed the other aura until it reached the ocean and instead of continuing south it moved over the hill to a small boat.  On the shore was a group of ten men who were sitting around a camp fire.  The aura continued towards a tent that was high up on the beach and there it entered.  A few moments later a tall man wearing a short white kilt came out and looked around the beach before walking towards the group of men sitting around.
 “Right” said Horus “They are at home. We will return to our boat and act as traders and sail around to Athens. You three will move into the city and blend in. You will never mention Ra or any of us. But remember when the time is ripe you will open the gates and let us in. If you don’t you know what will happen to your families”.
 “Yes master” said the three who Horus had singled out.
 Yhva watched as the group broke camp and rowed out to the small ship that was anchored a little ways out.
 There they boarded the ship and started to get ready to sail.
 Yhva then turned south and at great speed pasted over the ocean heading towards where Ra was.  Upon arrival Yhva saw Ra standing before a large force of warriors who were armed in the same style as the citizens of Athens.  Yhva guessed that there had to be three to four thousand warriors lined up ready to embark on the ships that where at anchor on the great river.  As Yhva watched Ra walked down the ranks of warriors looking at each one as he passed them. Then Ra walked to the front of them and levitated himself and looked at them.
 “You are all trained and ready to attack Athens. Each one of you knows what I want and need. This is not a raid to damage the city nor is it a battle. The idea is to hit the city hard take slaves and to let them know that we can attack at will. You will be the shock troops that are going to enter the city. The main force we will meet at Thira. They will lay siege to the city and when the gates are open to us we will enter and take what we need. Plus we will raze their temple and we will show them that I am a more powerful god than their goddess” said Ra raising his voice.

 Yhva withdrew and returned to his body.
 Waiting for Yhva was Pele who had a hot drink and some food waiting for him on a silver tray.
 “Well” said Pele “Athena is safely home”.
 “Yes she is” said Yhva half smiling.
 “Ok so why do you looked worried. I thought Athena was your main worry” said Pele offering a cup of steaming liquid.
 “Oh she is and I can’t stop thinking about her. It’s just that someone was watching her and the others. I followed them back to the woods and there was someone in aura form watching so I followed them. It was one of Ra’s followers. So I went and saw what Ra was up to” said Yhva very thoughtfully.
 “Oh and what is that man up to’ asked Pele not hiding her distaste of Ra.
 Yhva ignored her question and sipped the hot liquid. “This is good what is it”?
 Pele looked at her cup and sipped “it is good. Not sure what they call it. I think they call it Char or something like that. But you are dodging the issue”.
 Yhva looked at Pele sipped on his drink and reached for a slice of cake that was sitting on the tray. He turned and looked out of the window and smiled to himself.
 “You are thinking about Athena” said Pele.
 Yhva smiled and nodded and took a bite out of the cake. “If I could I would bond with you, Pele”.
 “But you can’t and beside your heart is being torn in two” said Pele kindly.
 “I am just lusting after her. Besides she is already in love” said Yhva looking at the cake he had taken a large bit out of.
 Pele smiled “I learnt a long time ago before you were born that you can love more than one person at a time. And lust is the beginning of love”.
 “Ahh but her heart belongs to another and she might not think that way” said Yhva putting down the half eaten cake and looking out the window again.
 “Ok so what is Ra up to” asked Pele.
 Yhva turned and looked at Pele “War”.
 “War” said Pele raising her eyebrows. “With us”?
 “No on a defenseless people” said Yhva “I don’t know if I should warn Merwyn as it’s near him that Ra plans to attack. I think there is more going on that I can see. I need to think about why Ra would attack a city near Merwyn. I know that Ra is up to something yet what slips my grasp”.
 “Maybe to goad Merwyn into defending the city” said Pele.
 Yhva laughed as he looked at Pele “you could be right. And Ra would be in for a shock. As my dear late unlamented grandfather once said to me when I was little and he was dying. Merwyn is far more powerful than he knows and when pushed he could be a match for any ten Sirians. I just hope Ra does not push him that far. But I did notice that his daughter Athena is even more powerful. But I think she does not know how powerful she really is”.
 “Her genes and yours would be a good mix” said Pele.
 “As much as I would like to bond too her why would she bond with me or even let me in her bed. Pele I know what I look like. And am not even close to good looking let alone the kind of man she would take into her bed” said Yhva smiling weakly.
 “Yet she danced with you when she was not dancing with her father. She could have danced with Angus or Bladud if she wanted. And she danced far more dances with you than she did with her father. Trust me I am a woman and I saw how her body reacted to you. You will find that she is far more willing than you think” said Pele smiling.
 Yhva laughed and placed his piece of cake back on the plate.
 “I think its time you used the girl Ra sent as a gift even if its only to prove that you can join with someone other than me” said Pele smiling a wicked playful smile.
 “You know well that I have only even been in your bed Pele” said Yhva looking sad. “When it comes to the art of love making I am not skilled”.
 “I know darling” said Pele moving to Yhva. “But its time you tried. Beside I will break the taboo of my people and be there with you to help you join with Ra’s gift”.

 Hathor raced down the hallway to Ra’s bed chamber. She did not stop to knock on the door and rushed straight in.
 “I’ve seen his aura” shouted Hathor as she looked around for Ra.
 Ra walked out of the bathroom wearing a towel around his waist “saw whose aura”.
 “Yhva’s aura. And we have a problem” said Hathor trying to catch her breath.
 “Another problem” said Ra his eyes starting to glow red.
 “Yes another problem and this one makes the others seem small and insignificant” said Hathor sitting down on the bed.
 “Ok what is wrong with his aura” said Ra sitting down next to Hathor.
 “Nothing is wrong with it. It’s just that I have never ever in all my years seen an aura that bright and powerful. It was only a moment that I saw it before it broke the link I had with our little spy but that one moment was all I needed. He’s incredibly powerful. Not even if we had Merwyn and his bimbo would we be able to beat him” Hathor looked at Ra. “If you don’t believe me look into my mind and see for yourself”.
 Hathor closed her eyes and dropped her shield to let Ra enter her mind.
 As Ra entered her mind Hathor felt the lancing pain between her eyes that meant that Ra was in a hurry and was not bothering to be gentle.
 Ra withdrew his probe and stood up and walked to the window and looked out at the courtyard below.
 Turning to Hathor with glowing red eyes Ra walked over and touched her gently on the lips.  “Not a word to anyone about this” said Ra as he walked over to the closet and reached in for a white kilt and a tunic.
 “But what are you going to do” said Hathor with panic returning to her voice.
 “I am going to do nothing” said Ra.
 “What? Why? He could be dangerous to our, I mean your plans” said Hathor trying to control her voice.
 “We are already committed to the action against Athens. If I recall my men now it will be a sign of weakness and it might let Yhva know that we saw something that has scared us. That I can not allow. We must seem strong in his eyes and he has to think that we do not fear him. Which I don’t! Beside we can use him against Merwyn” said Ra as he started to pace the floor. “No Merwyn would not know how powerful Yhva is. Yhva would want that to remain hidden from Merwyn. And more than likely he has kept that hidden from the others as well” Ra turned and looked at Hathor. “Yes I think we can use this new information against Merwyn. All we have to do is somehow get Yhva to do our dirty work for us. Yes that is the answer”.
 “But how” said Hathor finally getting control of her voice.
 “I am not sure yet. I will have to think for a while. But you my beloved Hathor will have to keep your mouth shut about what you saw” said Ra smiling.
 Hathor sudden felt fear and panic again as Ra moved towards her with his eyes glowing so bright that all she could see was the fire in Ra’s eyes.
 Hathor felt her mind start to sink down into a deep dark pit that had no light or sound. All she could feel was her body floating. Then around her were a good number of people that smiled and reached out for her. Suddenly panic once again engulfed her.
 “Pity you had to brain fry her” said Hera stepping out of the bathroom.
 “No she is not brain fried my love. She is just asleep in a world that she will soon think is real. I can wake her anytime I so wish and she will not remember what happened” said Ra taking Hera’s hand.
 “Do I still have to play the idiot? It’s getting harder and harder to do that you know” said Hera.
 “Sadly you do. But not for much longer my love. I don’t think anyone has worked out that you can shape shift. Now my love take on the form of Hathor and come with me” said Ra.
 Hera smiled and her body started to take on the look and form of Hathor. Once the transformation was complete she walked over undressed Hathor and slipped her clothes on.
 Ra levitated Hathor and walked over to the closet. He opened the door and placed the dreaming Hathor gentle on the floor.
 Together Hera in Hathor form and Ra walked down the hallway.
 Do I get to do everything Hathor does” asked Hera on Ra’s private mode.
 Pretty much” answered Ra as they turned into the main hallway.
 As they walked down the hallway they passed a few of the palace guards who saluted Ra and Hera in Hathor form.
 At last Ra and Hera arrived at the great hall and walked in together much as Ra and Hathor would.

 Rabbo and soft eyes hopped up the pathway towards the house. Both where glad to be home and the familiar smells made them both leaped in delight.
 Helena was busy turning milk into butter as she saw Merwyn, Athena and the twins come up over the slight raise that led down to the stream and rock pools. She stood up and waved at them before she sat back down and continued to churn the butter.
 Wenna and Merryn broke free from Athena’s grip and raced up the pathway towards Helena and Diana.
 Diana spotted Merryn and Wenna and ran towards them like she had not seen them in years. The three little girls pushed each other than ran off into the dairy. Soon all that could be heard was little girls giggling and things being banged together in an almost musical way.
 As Rabbo and soft eyes reached the dairy soft eyes turned to Rabbo and looked at him.
 “My young body so tired I need to rest”.
 Rabbo looked at soft eyes “I have carried you on my back before and you are no bigger now than you where then” said Rabbo with kindness in his voice.
 Helena looked at soft eyes “is that soft eyes”?
 “Yes I am soft eyes” said soft eyes as she weakly climbed up on Rabbo’s back.
 As Rabbo started too slowly and gentle hop towards the house Cat came walking out of the barn with a large rat in his mouth. He walked over to Athena and dropped the dead rat at her feet and looked up.
 Cat sniffed Athena then cocked his head to one side before flopping to the ground and rolling on his back and spreading his front legs and back legs.
 Athena reached down to pet Cat and at once Cat brought his front paws up unsheathed his front claws just enough to hold Athena’s arm in place before he brought up his hind legs and started to playfully kick at the bare skin of her arm.
 “Oh you monster” said Athena laughing. “You tricked me again”.
 “You forget” said Cat as he kicked harder at her arm “Trick you I did”.
 Athena rubbed Cat’s belly even as he kicked and wriggled playfully. 
 “Oh you silly cat” said Athena as she tried to remove her hand.
 “You like big fat rat I bring” asked cat.
 “Oh yes I would love it” said Athena trying without luck to remove her hand from Cats tight grip.
 Athena looked over at Merwyn who was hugging and kissing Helena.
 “Its good that he has her” Athena thought to herself. “Now I can work on Yhva and see if I can seduce him”.
 Cat finally let go of Athena’s arm and walked over to the rat and sniffed it. He then picked it up and walked off towards the house following the same path that Rabbo and soft eyes had taken into the house.
 Soft eyes lay on the rug in front of the fire place while Rabbo sat sniffing his mother who was a sleep next to Mischief.
 It’s worried Rabbo that his mother seemed thinner than she normally did that that there was much more gray in her nose fur than there had been when he had left just two and half weeks before.
 She seemed older than Rabbo remembered and he wondered how much longer he would have with her.
 It had been well over three and half years since he was born and even if she had been three years old when he was born it would mean that she would be close to seven or eight years old and that meant she was getting to be an old rabbit.
 “Why are you worried” said Mischief looking at Rabbo though sleepy eyes.
 “Is it that clear” asked Rabbo.
 “Yes very clear you are worried” replied Mischief.
 “Your grand mother is getting very old. I don’t want her to leave us” said Rabbo sadly.
 “Oh. Can cat face woman make her young again and make her like us” said Mischief fighting to stay awake.
 “I think she is too old now” said Rabbo lying down next to his mother to give her extra warmth.
 Mischief wriggled closer to Rabbo’s mother to also to give extra body heat and closed her eyes to sleep.
 Soft eyes rolled over in her sleep opened her eyes and wriggled closer joining mischief and Rabbo in snuggling closer to Rabbo’s mother.
 Rabbo lay next to his mother and thought about what Bastet might be able to do and if his mother wanted to be young again and if it could be done would she still be his mother.
 Rabbo wished that his mother could talk and express what she wanted but he knew that she was happy being the way that she was and that it was his own need and desire that was making him worry. Beside she might have a good number of years left in her.
 Rabbo did not feel tired but he stayed close to his mother making sure that she was nice and warm. He closed his eyes and stepped out of his body and drifted out of the house towards the woods.
 As he floated over the woods he slipped though the shields and looked down.
 Rabbo could see the path they had walked from Bastet's village and instead of following the pathway back to Bastet's village he turned south and followed the stream that soon turned into a river.
 As he head south he was unaware that he was following the same rout that Yhva and Horus had taken an hour earlier.
 As Rabbo arrived at the beach he saw the remains of a smoldering camp fire and a place where a tent had been.
 He looked up from the beach and saw a trading ship setting sail.
 Rabbo drifted over to the ship and saw that there was a tall man sitting in the bow with his eyes closed looking towards the south.
 Rabbo knew at once that the man was a Sirian and more than likely it was Horus. Instead of returning to his body Rabbo slipped into stealth mode and watched and waited to see what would happen. He followed the ship and it moved slowly down the coast towards the head land that would turn towards Athens.
 After a while Rabbo moved onto the ship and started to look around.
 The ship had a mix of trade items such as olive oil, wine, wood, silver, tin and spices.
 “Maybe Horus had gone into being a trader and was trying to get away from Ra. Maybe he was not up to something and that he had just camped on the beach to take a break from being at sea” Rabbo thought to himself. “Just maybe Horus was passing though the area. But then there were just too many maybes to answer”.
 Rabbo turned back to look at Horus and was about to head back to his body when Horus opened his eyes and stood up and walked over to three of the sailors.
 “Ok you three” said Horus. “We will drop you off about 2 miles up the coast from Athens. There you will make camp for the night before heading into Athens in the morning. You have plenty of silver coins that we minted in the style and manner of Athens. Blend in and wait for the fleet to show up. Remember that gate has to be open when we attack”.   
 The three men nodded as Horus turned and walked back up the deck towards the small cabin.
 Rabbo followed Horus into the cabin and waited to see if Horus was going to astral travel to where Ra was. But instead Horus laid down to sleep.
 Rabbo waited until Horus was deep a sleep before he turned to head back to his body. But as he drifted up though the deck he heard the three men that would be dropped off up the coast from Athens talking about the plans that they were part of.
 “Well if we play this right Ra will reward us and our families will be free” said one man.
 “And if things go wrong” said the second man.
 “Then we are worm food and it does not matter” said the first man.
 “It matters that we did our lord and masters bidding and in the next life we will have a better station in life” said the third man smiling.
 “Yes you are right” said the first man.
 “I don’t believe in all that hocus pocus. Just because the gods are immortal does not mean that they are all powerful. I have heard that this god called Zeus is more powerful than Ra and he is kinder. And the goddess Athena helps her people and treats them better and not like slaves” said the second man.
 “What you believe and what I believe makes no matter to the facts and the fact are we have a job to do and that we best be ready for it when we go ashore. Now let’s go over our stories again so that we have it right” said the third man.
 “Right” said the other two men.
 They sat down together and started to go over their cover stories so that they would blend in with the local people.
 Rabbo listened as each man said who he was meant to be and what he did and where he was from.
 Once Rabbo had listened to all three men’s cover stories he withdrew and returned to his body.

 Rabbo opened his eyes and for a moment he thought he had gone blind as all he could see was white bright light. Then he realized that the sun was shinning on his eyes and that he had been out of his body for well over two hours which had give the sun chance to sink down so that now it shone right into his eyes.
 In the background Rabbo could hear the sound of someone chopping vegetables while soft feet could be heard racing around in the next room.
 Rabbo stood up and found that his legs were a little unsteady so he hopped slowly like a very old rabbit.
 “You ok Rabbo” asked Athena as she turned and looked down at Rabbo from where she was standing at the kitchen counter.
 “Yes just stiff” said Rabbo. “Where’s Merwyn”.
 “He’s outside with Helena helping her with the butter and starting to make some cheese I think” replied Athena. “Oh if you are going out there tell them that dinner will be ready in about an hour or so”.
 Rabbo hopped out of the kitchen into the garden and saw Merwyn and Helena standing next to the butter churn talking. He hopped over weakly and then stood up on his hind legs resting his front paws on Merwyn’s leg.
 “Yes Rabbo” said Merwyn looking down.
 “I just got back from watching Horus who is about half a days sail from Athens. He is going to drop three spies off up the coast from Athens who will go into the city and when it is attacked they will open the gates so that raiders can enter” said Rabbo in a rush.
 Merwyn sunk down to his knees and looked at Rabbo. “When do you think the spies will reach Athens”?
 “Tomorrow morning” answered Rabbo.
 “Then I think I should be there to greet them” said Merwyn with a smile on his face.
 Merwyn turned and walked towards the house followed by Helena.
 “I want to come with you darling” said Helena.
 Merwyn turned and stopped and looked at her “Sweetheart stay here with Athena I don’t want you to get hurt. Plus I would like you and Athena to see if Ra is up to anything as I think he could be on the move”.
 “I want to come with you” said Helena. “If they are planning to attack my people I want to be there to help”
 “Darling you are pregnant I don’t want anything to happen to you”.
 Merwyn, Helena and Rabbo entered the house as Athena was putting steaks of the range to cook.
 “Athena I have to go into Athens. Rabbo just told me that Horus has dropped off three spies that will be there by morning. I think its best that I am there”.
 Athena placed her hands on her hips and cocked her head to one side. “So Ra is playing his game again. I better go and see what he is up to. But first we will have dinner. And you will have plenty of time to get to Athens by early morning” after a pause Athena added “are you going as Zeus or as the trader”?
 “I will make up my mind when I am close” Merwyn said thoughtfully.
 After dinner Merwyn kissed Athena, Helena and the twin’s and Diana farewell and headed off into the late evening sun.
 Rabbo hopped down the pathway next to Merwyn talking about what was going on with Ra and why Ra now was making a move when in the past he had said that he planned to attack Athens in eight years at the soonest.
 “It’s possible that Ra saw something that has him worried” said Merwyn to Rabbo.
 “Like what” asked Rabbo?
 “It could be many things. But to me it seems since the other Sirians arrived he is moving faster than he normally does. I think that maybe he saw something that has him scared and he is moving to attack before Yhva and the others can react”.
 “You mean that he saw how bright an aura Yhva has” Rabbo stated.
 “That is very astute of you Rabbo” said Merwyn stopping and smiling down at Rabbo.
 “Thank you. I have had a good teacher that has taught me well” replied Rabbo.
 “You would make a good politician my dear rabbit. You use honey in your voice. But I am not falling for that. What’s really on your mind” said Merwyn.
 “I think you are not telling all of the truth or half of what you know” said Rabbo hopping ahead of Merwyn.
 “You are right and I have my reasons about not saying all that I know. I am not lying. Well I am by omission. But it is for the better of us all. If I told Athena the truth she would tell Bastet and there would be issues that could turn nasty. But seeing as you have seen what is to come you know what will happen and what must not happen” Merwyn said as he stated to walk again.
 “Yes my dream travel forward to the land of green grass and hairy cattle” said Rabbo.
 “Yes so you know what will happen and what must not happen” said Merwyn as they got close to the woods.
 “How do you feel about Athena leaving you for Yhva” asked Rabbo.
 “I love her to death and I love her beyond my own well being. And in that her happiness is above my own. So if she runs to Yhva and she is happy for a while that is what matters. I will be here for her as long as I live. That I promise you. She is all I have of Isis and in some ways I love as much as Isis.”
 “I think I understand” said Rabbo.
 “Well my furry friend I will be back soon. Look after Merryn and Wenna while I am gone” said Merwyn as he walked into the woods.

 Rabbo hopped back into the house where Cat was playing with Diana and the twins in the kitchen.
 Rabbo looked around and could see no sign of Athena or Helena.
 “Cat where is Athena and Helena”.
 “They are in the book room with door closed” said Cat as he whacked Merryn on the head as she had transformed into a large cat.
 Merryn stood up on her hind legs and leaped over Cat and landed in front of Rabbo.
 Hissing Merryn looked at Rabbo “food time wabbit” and with that she pounced on Rabbo.
 Rabbo quickly rolled on to his back and kicked at Merryn’s furry stomach making her squeal in pain and transform back to a little girl.
 Merryn sat on the floor cry looking at the claw marks on her stomach.
 “I am sorry” said Rabbo “but you caught me off guard”
 Rabbo went and got the house first aid kit and started to clean Merryn’s wounds while Cat continued to play with Wenna and Diana.

 Psst Yhva” hailed Athena on Yhva’s private telepathic mode. “Are you alone”?
 How nice of you to hail me Athena. I was just thinking about you” said Yhva on Athena’s private mode.
 I was thinking about you too” said Athena.
  Is Merwyn around I have news for him” said Yhva.
 Oh I just wanted to talk with you and you want to talk to Merwyn” said Athena with a sour tone in her voice.
 I am sorry just that Ra has sent a fleet of ships with about three to four thousand warriors and they are to meet with more warriors on an island called Thira. I don’t know where this island is but you might know” said Yhva trying to sound sweet and kind.
 Oh ok I will call you back in a little while. Sorry if I sounded a little bitchy” said Athena taking the same tone as Yhva.
 Athena opened her eyes and looked at Helena who was caressing and slightly swollen stomach.
 “Oh you are back quick” said Helena looking up shyly and wriggling closer.
 “I need to hail dad” said Athena. “It would seem that dad is right about Athens being attacked. It would seem that Ra has already sent a force of some size. I have to warn dad plus I should send Rabbo to Thira to see how many soldiers are there”.
 “Oh” said Helena.
 Athena closed her eyes again and hailed Merwyn.
 Dad I just spoke with Yhva and he said that there is a large fleet and about three to four thousand warriors heading to Thira. I will have Rabbo check Thira and then I will hail you back” said Athena  
 I kind of thought Ra might be on the move. That’s why I asked you and Helena to check on him. I guess you did not do as I asked” said Merwyn.
 You knew and did not tell me” said Athena hardly hiding the sharp tone in her voice.
 I did not know for sure that’s why I asked you to see what he was up too” answered Merwyn ignoring the tone in Athena’s voice.
 Well I found out anyway what he is up to and that is what matters” said Athena with the tone in her voice getting a little upset.
 Yes it is. But remember I wanted you to do it” said Merwyn. “Now go and see what Ra is up too and let me know”.
 I will send Rabbo to check” said Athena as she slammed up her shields and dropped out of Merwyn’s mind.
 Athena opened her eyes leaned over and kissed Helena before she stood up and walked out of the library.
 As she walked into the kitchen she saw Merryn transform herself back into a large cat and strut off shaking her overly long tail at Rabbo.
 Diana and Wenna looked up from where they were playing with Cat and stood up and ran over.
 “Mommy Rabbo hurt Merryn coz she jumped on him” said Wenna.
 “I start it” hissed Merryn in cat form. “I jump on wabbo and he fight back”.
 “So you got what you deserved then. How many times have I told you not to play rough with Rabbo” said Athena.
 Rabbo hopped on his hind legs and looked up at Athena. “Its ok I doctored her wounds like you showed me”.
 “Good I will take a look in a moment. But I need you to travel to Thira and see what is going on there” said Athena.
 “I thought Merwyn asked you to go” answered Rabbo.
 “Oh don’t you start either” said Athena. “Just go and when you get back let me know what you see. And see if you can find this fleet of Ra’s”.
 Athena turned her back and Rabbo and walked over to Merryn and grabbed her.
 “Ok little missy lets see what Rabbo did to you” said Athena with a very sharp tone in her voice.
 At once Merryn returned to normal human form and showed Athena he stomach.
 There were faint scratch marks along her stomach but other than that there was no sign that Rabbo had dug his claws into her soft stomach.
 “Good job Rabbo. Now go and check Thira and see where than fleet is” Athena said as she put Merryn back down and turned back towards the library.
 Rabbo hopped off to the living and hopped up into Merwyn’s chair next to the fire place. As Rabbo made himself comfortable he noticed that his mother and Mischief where out on the lawn playing with the rabbits from the warren.
 Rabbo closed his eyes and stepped out of his body.
 Rabbo drifted upward and up though the roof of the house. He head south at a high rate of speed. But instead of heading straight to Thira he headed towards Crete as he pasted over Crete he saw a large number of ships at anchor. He counted about sixty ships in the large bay. The last ten ships sat low in the water and clearly had a great amount of stores in there holds.
 Rabbo descended lower and took a look at the warriors that where on the ships.
 All were lightly dressed in short white padded kilts and each warrior that Rabbo looked at seemed fit well fed and very health. A few had scars on their backs where they had been whipped and even fewer had scars across their faces as if they had been cut across their face in battle.
 It seemed that those that had battle scars were officers while the common warriors were those that either had whip marks on their backs or no scars at all.
 Rabbo moved across to the ships that sat low in the water and slipped below deck to check what stores the ships carried.
 Rabbo could see a great amount of food and weapons as well as long thick tree trunks that had metal heads and chains though them. There were also piles of rope as well as piles of lumber.
 In one ship that sat far away from others he saw huge jars full of a black oily liquid that seemed thick and heavy and bubbled a little. He moved closer wondering why such a heavy thick looking liquid would be on a ship that sat away from the others. It seemed that this was very important. As he moved along the ship he noticed also that while there was lighting in the hold it was not coming from the normal means of torches that hung from the walls of Ra’s palace.
 At the far end of the hold Rabbo saw huge wooden boxes that held a black granulated powder. As Rabbo came back up on deck he saw a bright aura on a ship across the way so he drifted over slowly feeling glad that he was already in stealth mode and therefore would not be spotted.
 Standing on the deck was a female with long legs well defined muscles and large breasts.
 As Rabbo watched a young man that looked as if he was no more than sixteen summers came up behind her and slipped his arms around her waist.
 “My most high and beloved mistress I am willing to please you more my beloved Ma'at’ said the young man.
 Ma’at turned and leaned down and kissed him gently on the head and took him by the hand and led him back to wear her cabin was.
 Rabbo turned and there right behind him was the aura of Ra.
 Rabbo froze and held still hoping that Ra could not see him as he was in stealth mode. He tried to remember what Merwyn and Athena had told him about being attack in astral form and what he should do.
 The aura of Ra looked right at where Rabbo was and he was sure that Ra had seen him so he thought little thoughts “I am nothing. I am a ghost. I am a dream
 Oh so you are a ghost” said Ra
 You must be fading from our dimension. Get thy gone for you are no long part of this dimension” Ra said as he turned away.
 Rabbo turned and retreated away from Ra heading upward as if he was about to leave the planet.
 As he got higher and higher he could see Thira off in the distance but instead of heading towards Thira he headed westward away from Crete towards the setting sun.
 After sometime Rabbo turned in a huge arc and headed towards Thira and sunk down to a lower level.
 As Rabbo approached Thira he saw over two hundred ships at anchor and on the beaches he saw a great host of warriors with a great store of spears swords bow axes and skin covered shields. Plus on the shore was also a huge store of food and jars and jars of what looked like fresh water.
 Rabbo tried to count how many warriors there were but it seemed that there was so many that he could not count that high.
 So Rabbo gave up and moved inland to see what else there was that he had not seen.
 As he reached the village that Hermes had once used he saw Anubis sitting in a chair on a raised platform looking over a group of young woman who stood frozen still.
 Rabbo scouted the rest of the island and noticed that he could see a glowing hot spot deep below the top of the smoking mountain.
 Rabbo then turned northward and returned to his body.
 Rabbo opened his eyes and looked around. He then closed them again and hailed Merwyn.
 Ra’s Fleet is at Crete and there is an even large fleet and force at Thira” said Rabbo to Merwyn on Merwyn’s private mode.
 Please make a full report Mr. Rabbo” said Merwyn sounding very different than normal.
 Huh” said Rabbo rather confused by Merwyn’s tone.
 Make your report please” said Merwyn.
 Rabbo explained what he had seen including the black granulated powder and the jars of the thick black liquid. Lastly Rabbo explain that Ra had spotted him even in stealth mode and what had happened and that Ra thought he was someone that had faded.
 To Rabbo it seemed like it took forever to explain all that he had seen yet it was clear that Merwyn was still walking towards Athens and had not even stopped when Rabbo had hailed him.
 “Thank you Mr. Rabbo for your intelligence report. We will address your slip at another time. But in future be extra careful Mr. Rabbo” said Merwyn and with that the link was broken.
 Rabbo opened his eyes rather confused at how Merwyn had reacted and had spoken to him.

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