Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ocean's Magic

Strolling softly along the shore
my worries, troubles nevermore
I breathe the air.
My spirit soars,
my soul, it hears a familiar chord.
Peaceful, calm - the air is warm
nothing now could cause alarm.

This peace, this place,
protects from harm,
the ocean's magic a natural charm.
This joyous spell I undertake
as I tread water in waves' wake
I could endure for every day
from rising sun til slumbered break.

The still, still days and sweeping winds
the beating sun and pouring rains.
The ocean waves
crash with roaring pain.
They echo me, our lives the same.
We live beneath the glowing sun;
we feel its love and live as one.

©3-4-13 Martha A. Bradley

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