Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Angel Whispers

Summertime and the Angels

Summer time is here and the going is easy…. I love the summertime, even though its only 3 -4 months in the Northeast of the USA. The months are full of warm sunny days and we live our days pretty carefree, and do a lot less of thinking negative thoughts. Life seems to be much lighter, and all is well in our part of the world.

So I asked the angels, today, what do they want me to talk about this month. Did they have a message? Did they have a subject, they want to speak to us about, or did they want to just stay in the back ground, and let me do some writing about what is on my mind, today.

The answer I was received was, for me, to write what is in my heart today, on June 30th, 5:30 pm. One thing that I feel in my heart, is gratitude for all the universe has bestowed upon me in my world and the people who are in my life, at this time. I am grateful, for the sunny days and for the days that are not all that sunny. I am grateful for roof over my head and the food that I eat. I am grateful for peace in my heart and joy that is around me. I am grateful my health and for the direction I receive in trying to continue to living a healthy life. I am grateful for the people who I speak to each day, whether it is on the phone or in person. I am grateful for my husband and for the way he shows his love to me each day. I am grateful the gifts that have been given to me by the universe and for the way they help me to remember my worth in this world.

Life isn’t always easy to live, and we all have issues we have to face that are upsetting, very troubling to us. Yet on the other hand, when we learn to be grateful despite the negative happenings, the act of listing the things we are grateful for can for even a few minutes, help us to focus on the good in our life too.. Sometimes, it takes some really hard work to find that, because our human way of approaching our life shows up continually. But when we remember that we too are spiritual beings, and let our spiritual self take over a bit, that we can find some reprieve for the feeling that may block the feeling joy and happiness, and help us to understand that we are more that what we may be feeling at a particular time.

In my work with the angels, and understanding what my purpose is for my life time, and helping others to see their purpose, the common thread I see in all of this is to learn about love. Love of self and love of each person that comes into our life. To understand, that we are here and that we know each other for a reason. Whether is there is a lesson to learn, or a something that may be needed to heal from, or working out something from the past. Sometimes, the most difficult people in our lives are put there for a very important reason, to help to learn specific lessons in our lives. We don’t always understand them or appreciate them at the time. And we may never see the lesson in meeting this person or situation. That is ok… It may help us in some way as we live our life on the earth.

The angels remind me many times of our worth, and love they have for us. That the plan of our God and the guidance we receive as we live our life from the universe and from those we come into contact with each day is important, and to look for the good in all. The universe is here for us, and so many of go through our day with a prayer, of asking guidance and direction. We can also go through our days of just reacting, from the stress or from the happening of each day… Our angels are with us, and our God is with us, too. They are truly helping us through our days; we only need to take time to listen to the messages and to the synchronicity that occurs each day.

Embracing our spiritual self and our physical self together and knowing both aspects of them are so very important for us understanding how the ego plays a big part in our life and how our higher self is important too. So many of us have different understanding of this concept of higher self and the importance of embracing both, yet keeping a balance, of our body, mind and spirit.

It has taken me a long to understand of all three being balanced, to help us understand our purpose in our life, and who we truly are.. Many time we hear, we are who we think we are, in our body, or physical self. We have a spiritual side too, and when we understand all that this entails, then we do have a different understanding our existence and reason for being here.

I wanted to end this article with a message from my book,
Living in the Heart Place With Your Angels:
Daily Angelical Whispers Throughout the Year.
July 2
Ask in your heart, what is the most important thing to do for yourself? We, your angels, ask you this question because we feel that when you know the answer you will know the next step on your journey. When you know the answer you will not need to be concerned about other peoples’ opinions and views of the angels. We ask you to stay in your truth and to do for yourself what you do for others. Let your vision be the goal point of your journey and know that all is well. Journal exercise:
Ask yourself, “What is the most important thing to do for myself?” Take some time to answer this. Think about it and journal about it.
Wishing everyone a wonderful July, where ever you are. The angels are helping us to remember, all that we are and how each of us is truly worthy of all we have to offer to those in our world.

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