Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ideas, Truths, & Experiences

By Bud Lemire

Don't put ideas in my head
I heard exactly what you said
Your thoughts are not for me
My truth is my way to be 
Maybe that is what you believe
It's what and how you receive
It's not what I have learned
I prefer not to get ripped or burned 
What I have come to know
Is what has enriched my soul
What I have come to know isn't the same for you
It's my truth and what has helped me through 
I'm not telling you what to believe, it's what I do
And my way of thinking, may not be for you
You can't put me down for something that you don't know
Because of a place where it had taken my soul
 Respect for each other is a two way street
Possibly halfway is where we could meet
Just know that my experiences are what I know
And that they have helped me to grow
Yours most likely did the same for you
In your lifetime, it has helped you through 
Your ideas may not be what I want in my head
Yet I can still acknowledge what you said
Remember what I know is not what you do
Your experiences in your life are true for you
©Jan 6, 2015 Bud Lemire
                     Author Note:
The ideas we have may not be for someone else,
our truths are what we alone have experienced.
Not everyone will have the same truths, for we do
not think like one another. Isn't that what makes us
so unique from one another. Just think if we were the
same, we'd be clones and would know all about each
other. Our experiences are all different from one
another, and it makes for a wonderful time of sharing,
whether we believe what the other is saying or not. I
only know the truth is what I experienced. That's the
idea of this poem.

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