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By Nancy Park

The "Resolution"

       It's a "new year" ..that phrase seems to precipitate ambitions of one sort or another in order to rededicate ourselves in some area of our life. This trait we seem to share, leads us into what appears to be a conscious inner inspection of different areas of our life journey. For some, it's about health and wellness, for others it may be a more deeply sought clarity of their experience here. All wonderful aspirations. Personally, I find this to be a fascinating practice, which speaks to our continued evolvement, our openness to being perhaps more positive, more compassionate, more caring of ourselves and our world around us. I admit this capability intrigues me and I am in awe at our willingness to look within.

       It makes sense when we strive to live a healthier life - of course, to be able to have this experience in the best possible way. It speaks to the human condition for us to commit to being more compassionate, more aware of others, our environment, and expressing that through acts we undertake towards that end.

       Perhaps we are mindful of how we judge others and seek to become more accepting. Some may wish to further themselves, strive to learn something new, to expand their knowledge.

       Others may choose to dedicate their time here completely in the service of others. Something often deemed the ultimate in humility.

       Many opt to dedicate their lives to their religious beliefs - forgoing a life others live for one of poverty and caring for the less fortunate among us.

       We are often taught by our caregivers/parents/teachers what has become an expected social norm, a method of what life is, and/or should be and guidelines as to who we should be, who we should strive to be, and the need to work towards acceptance by others as a hallmark of whether we 'got' it right. A 'script' for lack of a better some degree, it serves a purpose - but included should be "now go find your bliss".

That said ~ what if...

       Consider that it's possible, in 'reality', (what is instead of what we are taught) that life's journey need not come with expectations. Zero guidelines. Zero judgments. Free your thinking. No 'religion'. Fearlessly look at how you move through life. Maybe it's a "one time" shot... maybe not - would it matter then, the journey you courageously chose? Would you be willing to lose relationships in order to freely chose your own path? Would you make selfless choices if you did not believe, as we've all been taught, there is a reward at life's end, for doing so? Who decides if the answers to these questions are right or wrong for you?

       Our 'caregivers' (parents/priests/rabbis, teachers etc.) pass along to us their knowledge, their experiences, the 'rote' of information that has been decided over time what is acceptable - but in the end, given their best efforts regardless of any underlying intentions, it really is not their journey.

       Whose "journey" is it? Should we be brave enough to live our lives constantly in question of what it means to us? Are we able to face convention and live a constant truth to ourselves regardless of consequences?

       What "script" are you following? Are we brave enough to take from what's been offered to us and incorporate only what serves us?

       Are we "eternal"? 'Eternal' as we have been taught, as a never ending cycle of lives - each with perhaps its own set of experiences - or is this a one time shot? Would you choose differently? Why?

       Do we have "souls"? If so - is that not just the essence of your energy? Is it that energy that is eternal?

       Or is that just another 'script'?

       So much of what we've been exposed to we blindly accept as our truth - are we being who we truly are?

       I cannot think of a more important resolution than each person finding their own truth, whatever that may or may not be. The importance of freely and consciously choosing the path you wish to follow, conventional or not, without hesitation, remorse, self judgment, expectation of heavenly rewards, fear of recrimination, completely open in each moment to whatever your 'bliss' is.

       People expect, don't be afraid to disappoint them.

       If they really 'love' you, they will remain part of your journey. Be willing to let them go.

       You can't get it 'wrong'.

       Maybe we've all journeyed together before, learning life lessons from one another - maybe really doesn't matter, unless it matters to you - if you choose to believe we all have what is referred to as 'soul bonds' with one another, and that serves your journey in the highest way - then it's true for you. If not, that's ok too.

       Maybe we are here just this one time - if so, make it count...

       When your life gets "rocky" ask yourself if you are where you are suppose to be.

       I am a big fan of observation. I've gleaned alot within my life, from observing the experiences of others - and I admit a bit of gratitude for having done so. Yet that only has meaning if I choose to give it. I have found it reassuring to witness that others experience the same ups and downs, greater and lesser, as I and yet I admire their ability to persevere, and in so witnessing, I have to say it inspires me. I've also witnessed unnecessary suffering, of those who accept the views of others as to how they should live their life, that brings me great sadness. We all deserve nothing less than joy.

 It's "New Year" - Resolutions:
Be brave.
Be true to yourself.
Question always.
Believe in your inherent goodness no matter what anyone says.
Know you cannot get it wrong.
If it serves you to be kind ~ be kind.
If it serves you to be compassionate ~ be compassionate.
If it serves you to be generous ~ be generous.
Love yourself, care for your body, mind and essence.
Do/practice what lifts you.

Happy New You!


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