Sunday, February 1, 2015


By Wendy Shepard-Kalan

A loved ones life is done
As a flame dies out like the setting sun
He is not far, an angelic sign
My eyes shut I see him shine.
In heavenly prayer
I find him there.
Hoping my thoughts are heard
My heart in each word
Missing such a sweet smile
Just for awhile
Reunited when God calls my name
No more will I feel this pain.
You loved every day
Still, though you went away.
Inside a soul glows bright
I see it in the stars at night
You live on in our hearts
There we will never part.
Sam, hold on tight
To the love which burns bright.
Reunited when God calls my name,
And out goes my flame.

 ©Jan 26, 2015 Wendy Shepard-Kalan
In memory of my beloved Nephew Sam Shepard
April 2, 1996-August 29th, 2014

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