Sunday, February 1, 2015

On Trek



By Judith Kroll

My Trek

I was in a discussion on the internet, that I found quite interesting. Of course, I had to examine the ins and outs of the discussion within myself.
There was talk about pictures of Jesus, and how he looks, and people claiming he should have brown eyes and some say blue and or green. From his birthplace, he should be brown eyed, people said.

Now, I got to thinking how to answer that. I love to watch the TV show, ¨Ghost inside my child¨. It is all about reincarnation of little children who remember who they were in a past life.

When they come back as another person, they have different parents. In one picture they were brown eyed, and in the new life they are green or blue eyed. Some were of different races. Some were once in China and now the United states etc. Mendel's peas don't seem to matter anymore once one passes on.

When we return to spirit form, it really doesn't matter, we can be blue eyed one day and green another. I did notice that when a medium talks to those who have passed, they come to the reader in the same form they left, either brown or blue eyed, tall, bushy hair etc, so that those left here on earth having the reading, can recognize the person.

 So, if Jesus comes as a blond to someone, we should believe them, because it was their visitation!  I have come to the conclusion that everything is temporary, even our looks.

When I return to spirit, I am going to be taller.


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