Sunday, November 1, 2015

Don't Drink And Drive

Keep other people alive
Stay sober behind the wheel
So they can have their next meal

Before you even start to drink
Use your brain, use it to think
Your reaction time will be too slow
The normal things, you won't know
You think you can handle anything, sure
But alcohol will slow you, so much can occur
In an instant, everything can go wrong
You'll end up in a place you don't belong
A life is gone, and you can't reverse
From there, the situation gets worse
Anger and sadness becomes a reality
People mourn the loss of their family
So please use your brain and think
If you're going to drive, don't drink
Do your best to keep others alive
When you drink, please don't drive 

©Oct 9, 2015 Bud Lemire
                                           Author Note:
You've heard it many times. But you
never listen. You're out there driving
drunk again. Each year more people
are killed by drunk drivers. Still they
go out and do it again. Here's what I
do know. For every life you take while
driving drunk, you will feel that loss
while on the journey of your soul.
You will feel everything that family
had to deal with. Stop it before it
happens. You'll be happy you listened
to me.

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