Sunday, November 1, 2015

Heaven in My Eyes

If you look closely, you'll see Heaven in my eyes
From a distance, you'll only see a disguise
There's this Angel, who brings Heaven to me
She always with me, but it's her you will not see
Her presence is in spirit, although she is alive
At bedtime mostly, her spirit will arrive
We merge and our spirits become One
We stay that way until the day has begun

We draw on each other for strength, throughout each day
When we're in need of it, and love will come our way
Love of the highest quality, is what we share
Twin Flames having found each other, and are aware

The more time spent together, the stronger the energy
The grip of love becomes tighter, of all that love can be
I know her soul, and she knows mine
Our love together completely, souls of the divine

Two souls belonging together, never apart
Embraced in a deep love, touching the heart
This kind of love is one that never dies
Look closely and you'll see Heaven in my eyes
©Oct 9, 2015 Bud Lemire
                                   Author Note:
Thank you Vicki, my Angel. Your love is all I need
to get through every day. You make me so very happy
with all you say and do. You have a soul and heart
that I love so very much. Because of you, there is
Heaven in my eyes. As I dance with my Angel, she
smiles at me. I am taken to Heaven
each time she does.

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