Sunday, November 1, 2015

Don't Ignore The Signs

If there's something that feels a little off with your body
Then maybe it's something that the Doctor should see
Feeling normal is something that we know
There are some things that that happen, that will never show
The Medical Staff can check it to see
To find out what the cause could be
One part of your body could be feeling one way
It might be another part, it's hard to say

It's better to catch it, as soon as you can
It'll make you feel like a better woman or man
I know it's so easy to ignore the sign
But letting it go, may give you a worse time

I'm guilty of letting things go
This is a lesson that I've come to know
I was afraid, and thought it would disappear
As it got worse, so did my fear

It's no fun to be afraid, so I was told
Best to have it checked out, I'm getting old
I'm feeling younger, when I'm feeling great
So if something is off, it can not wait
Get it checked out, do it today
You'll feel much better, in every way
©Oct 2, 2015 Bud Lemire
                                    Author Note:
Many of us are guilty of letting things go far
too long and ignoring any sign that we feel.
But we shouldn't be afraid to step forward
and let our Doctor know there is something
that isn't quite right with our bodies. Many
times we think it is much worse than it first
began to be, and many times it is little at
first and then does get worse because we
let it go too long. We make big things out
of little things, and then because of that,
they become bigger things in reality.
Catching it at the start, will stop it from
getting bigger. See your Doctor.

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