Sunday, November 1, 2015

Editor's Corner

November 2015

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but simply moving on with dignity despite that fear."--Pat Riley 
Making choices is a daily activity for each of us. From those choices we learn lessons, and as the quote suggests, courage can also be gained by proceeding in a dignified manner even when we fear it could be the wrong decision. Our beloved poet Phillip Hennessy wrote a poem a few years ago that he called "You Cannot Move On" which was published in our January 2014 issue.

 Recently he emailed us this news:
Hello, Mary.
Another of our Poems (You cannot Move On) has become a Song...
video of the song
Song info shows: Published on Oct 20, 2015
Music by Lilia Ricci
Lyrics by Phil Hennessy
Video "Estrellas del Bicentenario"

For those who like to follow along on the lyrics, we are showing them in this issue with the new song title of "It is Time to Move on."

We are planning our December issue already and need everyone to get their work in as soon as possible. We are showing the latest submission this month from Eric Shackle who has been inactive awhile, and LC Van Savage also contacted us with the desire to resume her column "Consider This." We happily welcome both.

John I. Blair sent along a poem, "Woodpecker," and "Don't Know What to Believe" and "You Opened up Your Heart" comes in from Bruce Clifford. The Don'ts have it this November with Bud Lemire showing "Don't Drink and Drive," "Don't Ignore The Signs," then a more positive title, "Heaven in My Eyes."

"Armchair Genealogy" by Melinda (Carroll) Cohenour, discusses coincidences in the past with the present family and friend associations. "Introspective" arrives from China authored by Thomas F. O'Neill, focusing on China's limited child policy. "Irish Eyes" from author Mattie Lennon, announces Barry Kinane's new album of Irish ballads. "Cooking with Rod" by Roderick Cohenour brings an excellent dish of Green Chile Stew.

Rebecca Morris' serial "The Adventures of Ollie Dare" continues with Chapter 7 "Ollie-Dare Has A Thanksgiving" for this issue. Your reading youngsters should enjoy this one.

Thanks again to Mike Craner for his expertise and patience that allows this little ezine to continue its mission of encouraging writers, experienced and beginners, and to promote reading.

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