Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Daily, Sometimes Hourly

Well, minute by minute, I do make the day,
Often thinking if he would have done it this way
Remembering we went to sleep with my hand in his hand
His strength was always what helped me to stand

His laughter and good humor while sharing a story
Surely helped pave his way into Glory
While cooking or eating, seeing food ads on TV
Can't help but compare to his way with a recipe

And seeing 'his' baseball and football teams winning their game
I can hear him telling anecdotes for each and every name
Music has always been special to me
And we shared our tastes, alike musically

So yes I would phone and ask for advice
Hearing his voice would be especially nice.
And I'd remind him to reserve a cloud near his own,
So I will be nearby in our heavenly home.

©November 12, 2015 Mary E. Adair

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