Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Moments That Lead to The End

In the moments that lead to the end
I gave my best and treasured each friend
I shared all the beauty that was seen
The beautiful skies, the trees so green
I socialized on Facebook, with Pen Pals, and on the C.B.
In my lifetime, I found out how to be a better me
In and out of love, I found one that is true
She is the One, until my time is through

I helped those who needed my care
I treated those better, when life was unfair
I found the good in everyone I found
In my lifetime, my soul truly grew

I went on a journey, an ancestry quest
Taking a bus trip, out to the west
I traveled to where my ancestors use to live
If you needed my help, I'd surely give

I found out what happens when we pass away
The realization helps me through each day
The life we have here, isn't the end
It's just a temporary place in time that we spend

The soul's journey continues as we learn from each lesson
In this life and after, it's truly a great blessing
In the moments that lead up until the end
Be your true self, no need to pretend
©Nov 2, 2015 Bud Lemire
                      Author Note:
From your birth, until your death here on Earth, there is so
much to learn and experience. Explore everything! Sometimes
it's not all about exploring everywhere else. Sometimes it's about
exploring everything about where you are at the moment.
Enjoying every moment, every friend, everyone who enters and leaves
your life. For they have touched you in one way or another. Remember,
money isn't everything. There are many things that have more value than
money. Love, friends, pets, a good book, a good TV show, a ride in
the country, a beautiful picture or poem, a song that touches you.

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