Monday, May 1, 2017

Six Feet Deeper

Well, I'm drinkin' and thinkin'
I'm not getting Drunk
It's Mad, and it's Bad
cuz the bottle ain't sunk
My Mind is all over,
I'm Done with it, now
But my Body says More,
and I'll Get it, ..Somehow.

Sometimes a Gift,
and sometimes a Curse
when you don't get the Lift,
it makes you feel Worse
You can do it all over,
and over again.
at the End of it all,
You still get the Pain

So chuck it, I'm Dead.
I don't Matter no more,
and No one will know
what i Came here For
A born-again Person
With no axe to grind
and an innocent feeling
that the World will be Kind.

Well, I'm Done with this now,
I was Done with it, Then
I'm so sartan sure
That I'll do it Again
and again, and again
till I can't take no more
They'll find me, One day
in a heap. On the floor.

How much Lower
does it get than Dead
Six feet Deeper
than in your Head.
Up to heaven
Down to earth
you're not here Long,
for what it's worth

Been there, done it,
All before.
Here we Go,
Let's get some More !
How Deep does it get,
when yer Deeper in Debt
and all you can Do,
is try to Forget

Six feet Deeper,
Six feet Deeper

©March 2017 Phillip Hennessy

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