Monday, May 1, 2017

The First Of May

The Yellow Rumped Warbler, and the Merganser Duck
Talk about my happiness, and a photographer's luck
Two Great Blue Herons, Bob's Cousins I presume
On the first of May, maybe Bob will come soon

 Swans in the water, enjoying feeding time
While I zoom in, with this camera of mine
A beautiful day, and the first of May
Warmer temperatures are coming closer, every day

The fish flies are out, but they won't stay too long
And soon I will hear, the Yellow Warbler's song
The Robins are already, singing a beautiful tune
I look forward to this month, and the month of June

A Tern flies by, on the shore nearby
It sure has, such a very loud cry
Two Merganser Ducks, with the bad hair day
Dip in the water, they love to play

This May seems colder, than years in the past
But this cool season, won't always last
The sun is out, on this beautiful day
The wind is blowing, on The First of May
©May 1, 2013 Bud Lemire
                       Author Note:

It was indeed a wonderful day when I wrote
this poem. I always love it when the birds
return to the area in Spring, and I see so
many appear, hoping to make their summer
a good one here in the Upper Peninsula of
Michigan. Thank God for birds.
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