Friday, December 1, 2017

Giving Thanks

Giving thanks, because I am living
Appreciation for the food that's been given
Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, and gravy
Cranberry sauce, the pumpkin pie will fill me

 Gathering with Family and friends
The thankfulness never ends
Cut the Turkey, so tender to chew
I take off my hat, and salute you

Green bean casserole, I'll try some
Although, it's not for everyone
So much food, to pick from
I'll just fill my plate some
My belly knows how much to eat
Yet my mind doesn't know defeat

Belly versus mind, the battle never stops
Until the button on my pants, pops
I can't eat all that food, no way
You have way too much, on display

I'll just have a dab of this and that
Maybe I'll get by without getting too fat
I appreciate the food that's been given
I give thanks, because I am living
©Nov 13, 2017 Bud Lemire
Author Note:

Thanksgiving is always being thankful
for everything you have. Food, and so
much more.

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