Friday, December 1, 2017

Why Take A Picture Of Me?

“Why take a picture of me?” said The Butterfly
Because you are so beautiful to the eye
“But I am just a Butterfly, nothing more”
Your wings are paintings, and you soar

 “Why take a picture of me?” a Rabbit asked of me
Because it's your beauty, that I see
“But I am just a Rabbit, nothing more”
When you are hoping, it's too beautiful to ignore

“Why take a picture of me?” a Robin asked of me
Because I love your song, and beauty is mine to see
“But I am just a Robin, it's all I have ever been”
I know, but you are so very special, my friend

“Why take a picture of me, said the Sun at Sunset
It was at Sunrise, that we had first met
It's because of your colors, and your light
The beauty we see, when we take in your sight

As two Teenage skateboarders, roll on by
They ask the question of why
“Why take a picture of us?”
All I ask is for your parents trust
For I see beauty in each human being
That beauty is worth being seen
©Nov 1, 2017 Bud Lemire
                      Author Note:
Every now and then I get some nasty feedback
on my photos. A recent one was that I took a
picture of their son and his girlfriend, who were
skateboarding down the sidewalk. There was
nothing wrong with it. Yet the Mother felt uneasy
that I had taken it and shown it on Facebook.

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