Friday, December 1, 2017

Reflections on the Day

    Sometimes I just feel simply overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed by technology, politics, world challenges, and the vastness of the universe. There are so many paths, so many answers, and so many questions. We seem to scramble from bush to bush like little scared rabbits or we buy into a particular `movie` and attempt to live a role written by others. There does not appear to be a guidebook. I think I will just accept who I am with no defence, where I am at this moment, and where I am going wherever bound. It sounds simple enough and I have heard the foregoing in some form or another for many years. Maybe, just maybe, I am starting to understand. I trust your rest time this eve will bring you closer to your own understanding.
    Sleep well, dream deep. Humble bow, Dayvid
    Woodstove burning with the door open so I can hear the fire. I am sipping a cup of tea as I reflect and savour the visions of the day. The translucent mists floating over the lake seemingly lost. I have come to understand that I am not lost. I don’t know where I am headed, but I do know I am on my way. I know I will never fully understand nor comprehend this great mystery I am involved in. No one has the answers as they are as individual and unique as is every sentient being. What I do know is if I hold compassion and kindness with fervent respect the path seems that much easier. When I choose not to disturb, to entertain many ideas without feeling compelled to accept any, and truly try to understand my fellow travellers on this journey then I am headed toward the source. I am grateful to know so many like-minded folks. Believe you are on your way home and be diligent in walking others home.
    Sleep well, dream deep my Friends. Humble bow Dayvid.
Oct 27, 2017 9:27am
    As you prepare to enter the Dreamscape this eve allow the universal energy to enter your physical container. Fill it up and allow it to move through you relaxing and soothing until you feel complete. Pause and feel a deep sense of serenity within. Now, shoot the energy from your heart like a massive powerful fireworks display. The magic will travel to all you know, all you have met, and all that have crossed your path. Replenish them with your life force. Do not be concerned dear one for as soon as your energy flies to others you will fill again, renewed and restored.
    Sleep well, Dream deep my Friends. Humble bow, Dayvid
Oct 27, 2017 9:19am
    Reflecting at the end of the day I find most days are wonderful. Yes, there are trials and tribulations they are part of the journey. Then there are some days that are simply wondrous. Today was one of those days for me. I hope yours was as well. When you have one of those days the time for retiring behind the velvet curtain of sleep seems like a grand entry into the dreamscape. These types of days seem to affirm that you are on the right path. How does one achieve these wondrous days? Pay attention, be amazed, and tell about it. It is not enough to conceptualize such noble ideas as kindness, compassion, and selflessness the soul requires experience. One may know, but until you experience it you do not know it completely. Practice makes perfect.
    Sleep well, dream deep my Friends. Humble bow, Dayvid.

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