Monday, April 1, 2019


Last night I saw my cat and said,
"Could I please have my chair?"
He arched his back, he stretched and purred,
But never moved a hair.
I said to him, "My feline friend,
Who do you think you are?"
He answered me with just a blink,
"You KNOW I am a star!"

"My cat," I said, "Who do you think
Has fed you every day?"
He then rolled over on his back
And my cat seemed to say,
"You KNOW I only eat my meals
If I am in the mood.
I'd rather be here in your chair.
Now please don't make me brood."

I smiled and scratched him on his neck
And said, "Sit with me, please."
He yawned and stretched and seemed to day,
"Well........IF you don't have fleas."

©2009 Beverly Walker

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