Monday, April 1, 2019

Editor's Corner


April 2019

"Our wisdom comes from our experience,
and our experience comes from our foolishness."
-- Sacha Guitry

April this year is bringing many people consternation about weather, health, what food is really healthy, and the answers only bring more questions. But a very wise woman, Lena May Joslin Carroll, your editor's mother said when I apologized for asking so many questions, "Questions are the pathway to wisdom." And then with that quirky smile of pure orneriness added, "And they can help us find our new path when we run away from home." She was always planning the next camping trip, the next rock hunting quest, the next journey to a place not seen before. She made getting wherever an adventure every step of the way. And yet she had time to notice and share beauty in microscopic glimpses, like calling me over beside her as we were weeding the flowerbeds early one morning, having me place my cheek next to her own so we had the very same view, revealing to me her discovery of dozens of minute rainbows reflecting as the morning sun hit the dew trapped on the fluff of a dandelion ready to be dispersed in every direction yet for the moment holding heaven in its own space. Just as such memories help us hold love within our hearts.

Her baby girl, Melinda, that Cohenour one who does the Armchair Genealogy column dwells in memories as she researches carefully various sources to prepare the sometimes amazing histories of family members, capturing those revealing documents that bring the tales into focus, as though we knew that ancestor personally. A different direction on a pathway, but trailing those elusive answers documented here there and everywhere.

Marilyn Carnell, whose column "Sifoddling Along" sifoddles to many places, and this month goes back to "Eden" and why she left there. LC Van Savage wends her way back through famous faces and seeks to determine if certain physical features set one's way throughout their life. Judith Kroll launches herself and seeks others to accompany her as she finds a way to make life and living more joyous through kindness and good deeds.

Mattie Lennon has been digging into the books of acquaintances and others in his ongoing treasure hunt for unforgettable Irish incidents and events. Thomas F. O'Neill, who recently returned from his occupation in China of being an ESL Teacher, discusses cultural differences between students in America and China on the television show of Sam Lesante in Pennsylvania. He returns there in June.

Rod Cohenour, our cooking columnist and author of Cooking with Rod, prepares an Easter meal that may have you hopping in your vehicle to find some of the tasty ingredients he combines so magically you wonder where he keeps that traveling carpet that helps him chase down his ideas.

Our poets have a variety of subjects to intrigue the reader, Bruce Clifford wonders if that certain someone can "Remember When," and shares his perspective of "Dawn of Day." Bud Lemire is still dancing along a shamrock sprinkled glade, basking in the afterglow of "St. Patrick's Day."

John I Blair swings back with a full slate for April, tracing life and its abrupt conclusions while reminiscing about his father, and the strangely poignant consideration of a squirrel's demise. He lets his thought stream on to unsolvable mysteries, to unexpected and joy filled sights, as well as insomnia and a warming concept of a tree. His April poems are: Earthen House, Crossing Over, White, Surprise Poppies, Four A.M. and March Cypress.

We have a poem this issue from Beverly F. Walker, long time chat friend, well known for her many stories in the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books. Her poem involves a short trip she wants her pet to make, but that pet has "Catitude." Hope to see more of your creativity here, Beverly.

We always save this for last, when in reality if it didn't come first we wouldn't be here again, pressing onward with our dreams now in our 22d year online. A position we cherish, that's maintained by the diligence of our webmaster and beloved friend, Mike Craner.

See you in May!

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