Wednesday, May 1, 2019

When The Easter Bunny Came

When the Easter Bunny came to our house
He was so very quiet, just like a mouse
He'd hide Easter Baskets all over the place
When we were kids, that was always the case
In the Pantry bin, one of us kids found one there
The others were still looking, they thought it unfair
Another was found in the oven, the stove wasn't heated
The other kid looked for his, he didn't feel defeated

In the Living room, right behind the rocking chair
That's where he found it, just sitting there
It was always fun, to find what was brought
The Easter Bunny made it fun, is what I thought

Years later, when Easter came around
From the front door, there came a knocking sound
There in the hallway, an Easter basket was found
Just the Easter basket, nobody else was around

My Sister, moments later, was coming in the back door
She smiled when seeing the Easter basket, what was that for
We suspected it was her, she always had a good heart
She wanted to make Easter, a very special part
She brought back Easter, to our family home
A good memory, that was worth writing about in this poem
©April 4, 2019 Bud Lemire
                       Author Note:
Thank you Nancy, my sister, for all the kindness you have given. We
truly know what a wonderful heart you have. For you have shown it
time and time again.

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