Wednesday, May 1, 2019


Raven screams.
Searching deep emerald waters.
No luck. No luck he wails into the wind.

Mother Cedar
Raindrops falling from green branches into empty emerald waters
The grey clouds around her shoulders
Like a funeral shroud

Where are you
Great swift wonders?
Black and white breathtaking
Beauties of the Salish sea.
Has man finally taken too much?
Spiritual starvation.
No more magic
No more Orca

Raven screams
Mother Cedar weeps into the empty Salish sea.

©April 2019 Kimberly Marquette
               Author Note:
I have been wanting to write this ever
since the drop in salmon have endangerd
our local Orca pod. I will never forget the thrill
of seeing them rise up through the green emerald water
right next to the boat where Dad and I were fishing.
I've seen them up close many time and I can hardly
endure the thought of them dissapearing.
This is rough but it conveys my
heart feeling.

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