Friday, November 1, 2019

Editor's Corner


November 2019


“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket
than all the other seasons.”
— Jim Bishop.

Yes, it is here, the penultimate month to the well balanced sounding 2020. We have already seen the glimmers of what being well balanced, or matched, in this example can do: oh how evenly equal were the W S battling baseball teams from Texas and from Washington DC. For more on that see the editorial by moi, "World Series 2019 Thoughts"

Although this month is celebrated by many for the Thanksgiving always on the fourth Thursday of the month, and featuring Turkey in its various guises, only a couple of the authors addressed the fact. One therefore wishes all a Happy Thanksgiving and friends and family gathered around to cherish being together and undoubtedly some will be watching the football games all day.

Our columnists were diligent with Mattie Lennon in his "Irish Eyes," updating us on art and literary personages of his Ireland, while Judith Kroll "On Trek" focused on the memories made around the table by all who come there.

Thomas F. O'Neill, back in China, speaks on the blessings of being a teacher as building lives and displays his recently received certificate. Rod Cohenour, "Cooking with Rod") prepares a versatile recipe for us with his Hearty Beef Chili Base which means it is ready to do a variety of meals using it.

Marilyn Carnell in her "Sifoddling Along," discusses "Holiday Disasters" and proceeds to recall what was humorous about them, while being baffled at the time. "Armchair Genealogy" which is expertly compiled and presented by Melinda Cohenour, is not available for November due to her being under the weather. She says check in next month.

The opening quote was chosen after working on editing and preparing for inclusion in both (requiring different processes) the eZine pencilstubs dot com and the blog version pencilstubs dot net, how prevalent gold is in these poems. "Autumn 2019," "I Dreamt of Goldfinches," and "Golden Days," are the poems by John I. Blair, with the latter sharing a photo. Bud Lemire has six poems this issue, each illustrated except the last on this list: "Read Me," "A DVD is for Me," "Seven Years," "Orange, Yellow, & Red," "Leader of The Day," and "The Witches Song." Bruce Clifford sent "The Invisible Light." Carrie E Joslin, your editor's late maternal grandmother's two poems are lovingly presented: "Dreams of Long Ago," and "The Land of A Million Smiles."

Michael Craner, our co-founder and webmaster, and barbeque master extraordinaire, is the key to our well being, our equilibrium, our dreams. Thanks again, Mike!
See you in December!
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