Saturday, February 1, 2020

His Way Is Best

It was never meant for me,
     In the future to foresee;
Know the way, plan and decree
     For my Life--
Yet, within my soul I'd dreamed,
     Built my castle--worked and schemed;
That my deeds would rightly gleam
     As a wife.

But, a day came unaware,
     Snatched away my dreams so fair;
For all the time--
     With my grief, I then withdrew,
Even turned from all I knew;
     Disappointment dulled my view
Of all sublime.

But in time I found a way,
     The key was in the word "obey,"
For our Lord had said to pray
     When in need--
So as I resigned my all,
     Christ erased all bitter gall,
My soul freed.

©Circa 1980's Linnie Jane Burks

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