Saturday, February 1, 2020

Lighten the Load

Of all the many tasks I do
I could list quite a few
That qualify as scarely needed
If only some kind of rule I'd heeded.

Rushing headlong to get things done
Can create errors for many a sun
That require many more corrections
Than if I had looked up the directions

So haphazard and sometimes tardy
I tackle the mess with a will that's hardy
It has to be to accomplish even a bit
Since delaying to finish up has doubled it.

But the handiest tool I can find
Is simply to laugh and clear my mind
We can only live one minute at a time
And Life isn't always a pretty rhyme.

So chuckles and giggles pave the way
To turn this night into some sort of day
And brighten the corners of each weary task
Now answer me, What more could I ask?

©Jan 30, 2020 Mary E. Adair

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