Sunday, August 1, 2021

I'm A Private Man


By Bud Lemire 


I'm a private man
Oh yes, I am
You don't need to know
About my status quo

I'm not a crook, I have nothing to hide
I need to know you better, if I'm going to confide
I have no secret past, that I don't want to share
I just like my privacy, and I always try to be fair

Don't take my picture, and post it online
I'm not into social media, in-person I'm fine
I really just don't like it there
Someone could snag it from the air

I'm not a bad man, I want to say
Respect my privacy, and we'll be okay
I'll respect what you do
Because I know it's you

A conversation with me, is what I like
Just as you love, riding your bike
I'm a private man
oh yes, I am

©March 29, 2021 Bud Lemire

                         Author Note:

I try to respect the ways of others. Some of us like Facebook
and the internet. Others don't care for it. But when it comes
to privacy, we must respect those who don't like their business
out in the open. We are all different from one another and need
to respect each other for what we like, and how we like things.
At one time I was more private, and still am with some things.
But lately, I've turned a bit more public. With camera and photos
on the Internet, how can I not be.

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