Sunday, August 1, 2021

One Journey Ends


 By Bud Lemire 


It could have been anyone, that it happened to
It might have been me, but it turned out to be you
I wonder what it is, that goes through your mind
If I found myself there, I am not sure what I would find

We live our lives, never wishing to be ill
Taking all that we can, trying to get our fill
We give what we can, in love, which is right
Never realizing someday, we'd have such a fight

On the brink of death, choices must be made
They're made for us, as we start to fade
Some of us think, it'll be the unknown
Others think, they'll go alone

I believe, someone who passed will come along
And will guide us to where we belong
An Angel, a relative, or even a friend
Although our life is over, it won't end

I believe this for you, my friend, this I do
Whatever you believe, I'm praying for you
May your journey beyond, be a better one
You've journeyed, and your struggle is done

©July 10, 2021 Bud Lemire

                      Author Note:

Our soul goes on after our bodies have ceased.
It's another adventure in the spirit world. They
watch over those who are still living. Awaiting
their return to where they are now. No pain,
no problems, yet always learning, just like we
did while we were alive.

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