Sunday, August 1, 2021

Woo Woo

By Pauline Evanosky

Heaven and Back Again


In questioning my guide during the last 30 years the answer he has given me to, “What is Heaven?” has changed over time. At first, it was sort of like whatever you thought it was going to look like. Once he said incoming visited a place that looked sort of like Grand Central Station in New York. He said there were guides there who directed traffic and took charge of you to get you sorted out.

Then, he mentioned once that people could fish and play cards if they wanted. One time he said humorously that they even had lawyers in Heaven.

Over time my understanding was that it was sort of what the person involved felt the afterlife was going to be, so for somebody who had done a lot of bad in their lifetime ended up in Hell if that’s where they figured they’d be going. Taking into account all the different religions and belief systems there are Heaven would be whatever you were expecting. After a time, he said we all sat in judgment of ourselves and that was when we got to feel exactly how others felt when we did whatever to them in life. There are guides to help you do this so you aren’t too hard on yourself.

Wherever we ended up eventually a guide came to take us by the elbow and said, “Follow me I’ve got something else for you to see where you will be happy” whereupon you ended up in a way different place. A place where you began to understand things, where you will be with a group of souls who are your fellow students, and where you will meet with your guides when warranted.

After a time (I’ve never understood this very well…but years? Hundreds of years? Eons? Months?) You start thinking about what you would like to do next. Whether you stay where you are or reincarnate and here again, I have questions. Do you necessarily have to return to Earth? There are other systems, other planets, other places. Why not other dimensions? Do you want to be a humanoid creature or come back as a horse, a bumblebee, a flower, a rock? Someone just said, “As a paperclip?” I feel they are jesting up there.

In any case, you determine that you want to come back and do it again. This is where you go to that vacation agency in the sky and say to your friends and soul mates, “Hey, I want to come back as a female this time. I’ve been male for a time and I want to experience feminine energies. I also want to work on compassion and surrendering so I’m going to need some help with that.” Somebody in your group says, “Hey, I’d like to be your mother. Remember you were my mother once and I’d like to return the favor. Plus, I’m getting ready to go back myself. I’m going to end up in Italy. Is that okay with you?” And, you say, “Yes, I am interested in being Italian. Let’s do it.” And so your life plans begin to take shape. There are agreements made. You are in somebody else’s life and others are in yours. Even, so my understanding goes, for accidents and karmic events. Or for cataclysmic events, like wars and such. Evidently, we are not in it for happy times all the time. It’s like we choose what we need to experience to help shape our souls.

And, sometimes it takes more than one lifetime to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves. It could take 75 lifetimes to really investigate a particular subject. (Note: I started out with 250 lifetimes, but Spirit suggested I change it to 75 so people won’t get panicky. Essentially, I don’t think it matters.)

I asked my guide, “What about free will?” He answered that we always have free will. That’s when he told me that for everything that you’ve agreed to before your incarnation there are 50 different ways to achieve those goals. This is where he said to me, “There are hundreds of ways to get to Cincinnati. You can walk, you can run, you can hop, you can crawl on your knees. You can take a bus, a car, a train or a plane. Once you are incarnated this is your free will. Will it take 2 years or 12? Your decision.

This is all very different than what I was brought up to believe by my family. The important thing is that I am comfortable with it now. Even the uncertainty, somehow I have been able to say, “Bring it on. This is exciting. Let’s go places.” I wasn’t like that before.

Once I asked my guide if anybody heard our prayers. He said our prayers are always heard by someone. I asked him who was in charge. He said nobody. That one was a really big eye-opener for me.

After all of this what do you figure the takeaway is? Well, you could stop being so anxious about life. You might be able to stop worrying about what is to come and try to live more in the moment. You could be happier if you wanted to. You could stop agonizing where your soul-mate is because sooner or later you will be meeting up with them. And you might start thinking about us as one. All of us. People, plants, animals, the Earth, all of us as one. All sorts of benefits are available here.

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