Saturday, April 1, 2023

What God Can Do

 By Walt Perryman

Last week I was back in the hospital for a few days,
And this is my proof that God works in many ways.

I was very sick and, in the Hospital, lying in bed,
Knowing there was a chance I could wind up dead.

My body was trembling, and my fever ran high,
I could not stop shaking and thought I would die.

Then I felt the warmth of my wife’s loving hand touch me,
And in a strange but Godly way I was as calm as could be!

God was healing me through her hand was all it could be,
Because my shaking stopped, every time, she touched me.

I believe God healed me through her hand in some way,
Because I did not die, and I went home the very next day!

©March 8, 2023 Walt Perryman

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