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By Pauline Evanosky

Talking to Ghosts is Different Than Talking to Spirit

I haven’t had much experience talking to ghosts, but I can tell you that it is slightly different than talking to Folk in Spirit.

When I talk to Spirit, which for me is a group of unseen entities comprised of spirit guides, teachers, saints, God, people who have passed on like your great aunt or my parents, or even animals, my pets and yours or animals in the wild, the conversations are done telepathically and are completely understandable by me.

My mother might say something like, “It’s okay, Honey. Just wear an apron.” Or my long-since passed-on collie Laddie might say, “I loved eating up the cereal you all did not eat.” No grunting, no meowing, no barking or tweeting. No half sentences. Just full on communication same as any of us talk to others.

However, the few times I have talked to ghosts have been just a few words, strong emotions, or just vague impressions. For instance, Dennis and I had an appointment at Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, California, where we will eventually be buried. We had bought and paid for our plot and headstones years ago, but there arose the matter of deciding how we wanted to be buried and in what. The expenses for those arrangements needed to be discussed. For instance, the representative from the cemetery wanted to know if we wanted a party. He actually said a celebration of life. I said if I went first, Dennis could throw a party if he wanted to. I didn’t care one way or the other. It was just administrative things like that.

We also didn’t plan to have fancy caskets. Why spend money on something expensive enough to put wheels on? We elected to have cardboard boxes that would eventually decompose and become part of the earth to the tune of $130. I didn’t know you could do that. As the discussion of all these particulars ended, I felt a wave of love, and a voice said, “We are all happy here.” They also said, “Thank you”. I told our representative, and he said that other clients in that same conference room have echoed the same sentiment. In fact, he said that many of the people working at the cemetery had encounters with folks who were buried at the cemetery.

Once, many years ago, when I was walking around the cemetery just enjoying the peace and quiet, I ended up at our plot. I pulled a few weeds and dusted off the headstones. I turned around to leave, and a voice said, “Don’t you want to get to know your neighbors?” It was just one of those funny channeling moments. At the time, I thought it was my guide who said that. Who knows? Maybe it was one of the tenants. To be polite, I did walk around and visit the rest of the plots on our hill.

The other time I knew I was talking to a ghost was when I visited a friend of a friend who lived in a building where they would often hear bumps and thumps in certain places or when being in areas of the house where they would get goosebumps or the hair on the back of their neck would rise. So, I went to see what was up.

We were going to meet in one of the apartments for tea which would include savories and sweets. I remember being in our local grocery store beforehand and somebody insisted I purchase some Oolong tea. I didn’t know if it was a joke on the part of my guides or if it was the ghost of the lady who supposedly haunted the house. I did buy the box of tea, but what struck me as a real communication from the ghost was on a tour of the building, I heard, “My house. My house. My house.” That happened as I made my way up the grand staircase in the middle of the house, right in line with the front doors. It was filled with emotion, and my heart did beat faster. It wasn’t scary. It was just really emphatic. To this day, I count that as me hearing a ghost.

I don’t understand ghosts and have had several discussions with my guide, Seth, about them. The way I understand it, ghosts are not caught between one spot or another. They are where they are. Eventually, they might move on, but there really is not anything we need to do to help them. My guide said it’s like a needle on a phonograph record stuck in the same groove. The same scene plays over and over for them.

I encountered another ghost once when I did a bit of ghostbusting for a friend of mine. I wrote an article about it here at Pencil Stubs in the October 2021 issue of WooWoo.

My husband, who works at the same cemetery where we have our burial plots, told me he was doing some research in an area where there were a lot of old internments. He had a sense that somebody was sitting in the only chair in the room that was behind him. He had left his phone on the chair. He turned around quickly, and there was nobody there. But his cell phone was now on the floor. He left soon after. I asked him if he was frightened, and he said he was not.

There is no one right way or wrong way to talk to either a ghost or your spirit guide, though one of them said to me just now you would never go wrong with being polite.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I’ll see you next month with another one.

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