Friday, December 1, 2023

A Sometimes Doubt


By Walt Perryman

I am a believer but sometimes, I will have a doubt!
First, I need to understand what I’m doubting about.

The answer is in the Bible, I know this to be true,
But I need to read it, to understand what to do.

What amazes me that sometimes, I have a doubt,
I go to church and that’s what the sermon’s about!

Sometimes, just being with true believers helps me,
My doubts go away because they’re like I want to be.

I believe doubts are just one of Satan’s many tools,
If I doubt to long, I go back to being one of His fools,

Sometimes the best thing I can do is to pray,
And I just ask God to take Satan’s doubts away.

Sometimes I need to let my doubts go and believe,
And all ways be aware of how Satan tries to deceive.

©November 29, 2023


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