Friday, December 1, 2023

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By Pauline Evanosky

Psychics Aren’t Different - They Just Notice Stuff

I am the same person I was before I became a psychic in 1993. I just notice things more now, and yet, I can still be one of the most obtuse people on the planet, the same as anybody else.

It’s funny, but with something as ordinary as a keyboard that sticks, the solution would be to spend $60 and get a new one. Typically, your keyboard and your mouse will be the first things about your computer that will need replacing. That’s a fact. It’s like the tires on your car. They wear out first.

My keyboard has been sticking for a long time. It was a gradual thing. The most common problems I have are with the vowels. The letter A doesn’t always show up where it’s supposed to. I am certainly not the best typist in the world, and I’m surely not the most accurate, but that small thing of having a keyboard that refuses to keep up can sometimes be annoying. I can feel the key stick and press harder. What I get generally looks like: Whaaaaaaaat. I also have a habit of typing with my eyes closed. Maybe so I am not distracted by the things around me. But what happens when I open my eyes is a jolt of disappointment. Letters, transposed, which actually has nothing to do with the keyboard but more to do with me—just a bunch of bad vibrations.

What do I do? Nothing. The letters on the keys are wearing off. I no longer have A, S, D, F, L, C, V, and a ghost of an M. Even the tiny bumps on the main home keys, F and J, are wearing away. And still, I resist purchasing a new keyboard.

What does this have to do with being psychic? Nothing and everything. There’s a “should be” lurking in this ordinary problem. the thing with being a psychic is that you're supposed to be able to see your way through pretty much anything to a solution that either works or is an acceptable interim fix. That's why people come to you for your psychic insight into their problems. I have found over the years that people tend to want to hear advice but not to take it. There is always a problem with their way of thinking with the advice. I know because I'm the same way.

It's human nature, and besides, Madison Avenue has capitalized on it in a big way, figuring that people need to be reminded over and over again that what the company is selling is what the person needs, absolutely craves, and is willing to spend $19.99 to get it.

One thing I've noticed with energy is that if you've got a thing to do and you want it done, the most logical thing would be to devote some energy to the thing. That makes sense in the case of my keyboard, and I am reminded every time I sit down to write that I should get a new one. The focus of my thoughts for a lot of the time that I am writing tend to be either mild frustration or the thought that if I spent $60, I could have a new keyboard. Here is the “should be”. I should be focused on my writing. This is where whatever I am talking about should be. It’s sort of like a singer with laryngitis. What’s the point?

I doubt the writing will go any differently, but it has to. It's like having a pair of shoes a new pair of shoes that fit your feet so much more comfortably than the old ones did. With the new shoes, you can walk farther, you can walk faster, you can feel better at the end of your walk, and you think to yourself, “Why did I not go out and buy some new shoes before this?” Slaps self on head.

When you are meditating in the beginning, a person is easily distracted. In fact, your subconscious always seeks to provide a safe place for you and is quite uncomfortable with the idea of you being in a meditative state. That's when your back itches. You will need a glass of water, your nose will tickle, and if you smoke, you will want to smoke. All this energy of wanting something else is interfering with the meditative experience. If you’ve never meditated, this will happen to you. The solution? Keep meditating.

I just ordered a new keyboard. How long have I been struggling with this one? It feels like years. I finally took my own advice and actually felt quite relieved. Writing can commence, and my energy can turn toward more positive pursuits.

So, like they say at Nike, “Just do it.” That, more than anything else, is a good thing to keep in mind.

P.S. I’ve purchased another keyboard. It is wonderful, and the mouse is the fastest I’ve ever had. Yesterday, after it had arrived in the mail, I had trouble registering it at Logitech. I contacted them, and a technician helped me. After everything had been done, he said, “Let’s see if you can’t get a replacement for your old keyboard.” I talked to a friend the next day who had a keyboard that wasn’t working properly. I told her a new one was coming for her. It is always interesting to see more evidence of how the universe provides.

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