Monday, January 1, 2024


By Bud Lemire

In my early life, I heard about sisters that I didn't see
Later in life, Dottie and Jake came to be
Dottie and Jake, would stop in to see our Dad
I got to know, one of my sisters that I had

She had a pleasant voice, and always treated me kind
I wanted to know her better, but that would take some time
Each time she came to visit, I got to know her better
Looking back at those times, I'm so glad that I met her

Something about her eyes, I saw so much beauty there
Her visits were the best, I loved what she would share
I can close my eyes, and hear her voice in my head
In fact, I can even remember words that she said

Dad and I would take trips, down Mangum road
And end up, at Dottie and Jake's abode
I remember a cat, that chased all the mice
Most of all, I remember each visit was really nice

I remember her always saying, “we love you”
The meaning when she said it, always rang true
One thing I knew for sure, my sister Dottie had a really good heart
In my life, no matter where her soul resides, she'll always be a part

©Dec 14, 2023 Bud Lemire

                       Author Note:

Dottie, thank you so much for being a wonderful sister. I know
you are in the spirit world now, and doing much better.
Just like at the end of every visit when you would say, “we love you”
referring to you and Jake. After Jake passed, I remember you having to
catch yourself and say “just remember, I love you.”
I just wanted to write you this poem to let you know just how much you
have touched me with your presence. Thank you for your love.


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