Monday, January 1, 2024

Sifoddling Along


By Marilyn Carnell

New Years 2024

    In the 8th decade of my life, I find myself still planning for the future. My goals are more modest than in the past, but are goals, nevertheless. I long ago gave up on New Year's Resolutions. They were quickly abandoned anyway.

    This year I have only a few objectives. I have put them in outline form for clarity.

I. Follow my advisor’s suggestions to move from my house to an apartment for senior living

    A. Why? Although I have a very nice and comfortable home that is well equipped with the safety features I require, the upkeep and maintenance - mowing, snow removal, housekeepers, grocery and meds delivery, repairs, insurance, pest control, and on and on – are onerous. It will be a relief to write a single check or have an auto payment made.
    B. This will force me to at long last tackle downsizing so that I don’t leave a mess for my family to sort out.
    C. I have been told by several knowledgeable and trustworthy people that moving while I am still active will allow me to make friends and participate in social activities.

II. Finish writing a book in progress about the Civil War in southwest Missouri. The title will be Cowskin Prairie or some version of that. It takes place in 1861-62 when the war was raging in that part of the country.

    A. I have a first draft finished and think this is a possible task. It is an opportunity to tell others about a beloved part of my past and my ties to the Ozark Mountains.
    B. Continue to write for Pencil Stubs. I enjoy sharing stories with others.
C. Continue to work on remaining as healthy as possible.

I know this is brief, but it represents a lot of hard work. I am looking forward to it.

I wish all of you a very happy and prosperous New Year!

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