Monday, January 1, 2024

On Trek


By Judith Kroll

Our Love Travels Together

Watching animals who are mated, and humans who are interacting, it is obvious to me, that love always abounds.

The smell of baking bread, lovingly lingers all thru the house. The bread does not send love, but the fragrance is love to our senses. The smell as it is baking, the feel as one makes it, and the taste and fulfillment once it hits our taste buds. Even our memory of baking bread stirs our emotions to just LOVE that bread.

Love is energy. The earth and all in it was handcrafted with much thought, every detail, and with much love.

When someone dies and leaves the earthly realm, their love is still here. We have it as part of us, so it stays with us.

My daddy passed in 2015. Going on 8 years. I feel him around, I remember specifics about times we spent together, and when I was very young, things he did. Those memories are with me forever.

Mom passed in 1995, and I still feel her around, with signs, with a knowing, with memories. We are all connected. Our love travels together.

It will be that way forever, whether it be in spirit form, or in physical form. Love is always everywhere, and it always travels with us.
Love, Judith
Oct. 2023

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