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Medium-Author-Spiritual Teacher


By Ara Parisien

Visitations of Spirit

Visitations of Spirit can happen in so many ways and virtually occur all the time. If we are aware we are able to notice, appreciate and give thanks for the love that abounds.

Visitations in Dreams

Dream visitations occur in dreamstate. They can feel so real because in essence they ARE real. Spirit inserts itself into dreamstate because it is the easiest avenue for them to reach you. The ego consciousness, the aspect of the mind that tends to dismiss or reject, is asleep. Often in dream visitations you know instinctively not to touch your loved one, however, there are times when it does occur and a hug happens, which is glorious! Otherwise, it is an arm’s length dynamic where Spirit speaks with you (often telepathically) or shows you certain things. Upon waking from a dream visitation one often feels euphoric. Oddly enough, for those who say they never remember their dreams, they will always remember a dream visitation. Why? It expresses in your dream at a vastly higher vibration (Spirit is high vibrational energy). It is a totally different frequency than an ordinary dream. A dream visitation will indelibly write itself upon your heart and mind which allows you to recall the ‘dream’ in great vivid detail for the rest of your life. What a gift!

Visitations While Awake

A spirit visitation can take on many forms when one is awake and going about daily tasks. It could be in the form of hearing a favourite song that reminds you of your loved one; it could be finding coins in bizarre places; or hearing someone say something to you that your loved one always said. It can happen in any way.

There is the ‘peripheral clairvoyance’, or what I fondly recall ‘sparkle vision’. If you have ever seen sparkles or flashes of light out of the corner of your eye it is more than likely a form of spirit communication or, as some like to feel, angels saying hello. It can also simply be your own energy as we are not static beings even though we may be sitting in an office. Your energy is constantly vibrating and moving. Sometimes it can build to a point where flashes occur. There are times when I can feel my energy building to a point where I must inform my client not to be startled by a flash of light in the next few moments. In any event, it is important to know, Spirit can–and will, announce their attendance to you in vast and varied ways.

Then there is the ‘classic peripheral clairvoyance’. This is when you see energy moving out of the corner of your eye. It could appear shadow-like or mist-like. Just say hello and thank Spirit for being with you. Given these occurrences are a direct match to your own vibration (as in matching a Spirit’s particular frequency) it somewhat baffles me how people do not see Spirit more often than they do!

Finally, as one of my client’s, Maria, shared with me, there are times when you can feel your loved one close and feel compelled to initiate and carry on a brief conversation. This typically happens when a relationship continues on even when one is in Spirit and one is still here. Believe it or not, because there is no death, relationships DO carry on. It is important to continue the rapport even though communicating with your mother feels different. Maria spoke to her mother and her mother, in Spirit, responded. The relationship is still there. It is the same for everyone. Always remember to speak with your loved one in Spirit. Carry on normal conversations. After all, we don’t wait to speak to our friends only when we want something. We have active and ongoing relationships with those in Spirit and those still here.

How Is This Possible?

Remember. All there is, is Energy. It is the same Energy whether it is in physical form or has withdrawn its individual focus from the physical plane of existence and reverted to non-physical energy. There is nowhere that Energy is not. Energy cannot be destroyed nor is there a separation from itself. No separation means your loved one in Spirit is as close as your next breath and as near as your next heartbeat. It is your focus upon them that they respond to. Spirit is still an active participant in your life. They still share your trials, tribulations and joys and are always inspiring, encouraging and as always, loving you–even still.


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