Monday, April 1, 2024

On Trek


By Judith Kroll

We Are Always Changing

Every year we do change, and as we age, our body doesn't change yearly like it did when we were living YOUTH. As an elderly person, our thinking changes. Our outlook changes, we live the moment like we did as babies. We found joy in seeing everything. We even had to taste it.

Adulthood, we once again enjoy the moment. We can stare at the same tree but we focus on the whole tree, and how it has been part of our life for years, and brought us much comfort, much joy, much love. A flower pushes thru the earth, from the previous year, and we welcome it, like a newborn babe. We are truly happy to see it, smell it, and gently touch it to share a wee bit of energy.

I watch a birdie fly and stop to eat, and now I feel the birdie. It doesn't exist without fear. They have scouts watching and ready to warn them of dangers. They are constantly aware. Busy building nests now, and getting ready for a family, and picking the right spot to raise their little ones. They are like us on a smaller scale.

I am oh so grateful for all we have, without owning it. Just for our pleasure, our joy, our love to share. My wish for all is that we can change our thoughts to peace, and love, and live more in the moment.
Judith 2/27/24

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