Monday, April 1, 2024

Technicolor Lights

You turned me on like technicolor lights.
Before there was you there was forever black and white.
You landed in my life when life was on the run.
You took my open hand until suddenly you were gone.

You broke my heart into a million tiny pieces.
Once you were gone, I was a new lost and lonely species.
You turned me away like you never knew me at all.
I still wish I was there to save you after the fall.

After the fall.
He took you apart.
How did it happen?
Why did it start?
Can you remember us at all?

You lit me up like technicolor lights.
Everything else was dark throughout my days and nights.
We held each other’s hands and we looked into our eyes.
As we touched each other’s soul I began to cry.

After the fall.
Did you ever know me at all.
Why can’t you explain to me?
Why can’t you trust our history.

In technicolor lights.
The vibrance of our days.
What I miss most of all.
Was your willingness to stay.

©3/11/2024: Bruce Clifford

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