Monday, April 1, 2024


 By Bud Lemire

When the wind blows the snow, in a whirlwind around
It's called a Snownado, a tornado on the winter ground
It blows the snow, all over everywhere
Look out your window, you can see it there
A snow devil that is going around
Blowing snow wherever it's found

When a big gust of wind, blows the snow very strong
It's when we hear old man Winter, singing his song
The newly fallen snow is blowing away
To a new place entirely, where it will stay

Snow layered on top of each pile
That is the way of the Wintry style
Flakes piled up, on top of another one
It keeps on flying, until the Snownado is done

If you stand where it'll blow
You'll get whipped with that snow
So stay warm, and away from the wind that blows
Keep your body warm, even with your red nose

©Feb 28, 2024 Bud Lemire

                        Author Note:

I've seen a snownado out my window.
It was a small one, and I'm sure you've
seen them as well.


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