Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Questions, Questions


Is there a question I should ask
That is keeping me from beginning my special task? 
Is there something that I should see
That is keeping me from what I should be?

What is setting the limits of my view?
I know it is me, and certainly not you--

Why does my ego tempt me to pride
Am I only trying to hitch a ride?

What do I deny that I should know--
Is it what I should say or where I should go?

Who says I cannot enter this life?
Only myself who insists upon strife--

What within me is staying concealed
That once unmasked would see me healed?

How can I call upon ease and grace
And keep contentment upon my face?

Is fear keeping me from going deeper?
No, only I can be my keeper.
©2008  Mary E. Adair 

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