Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Should I Meditate

Should I meditate or play Suduko
Sometimes I really don't seem to know

Putting worries up on a mental shelf
Could give me some time unto myself

And storing them there 'til a later date
Leaving them there as long as they'll wait--

The main idea is to shut off the mind
With what's ahead of the thoughts behind

It's not illegal and might save my hide
For a moment, to let the chores slide

For taking a nap was my G'ma's way
To level things out, calm down her day

Adjust the attitude, brighten the thoughts
Instead of dwelling on all the 'naughts'

To establish as routine I can't do
To keep me steady and not so blue

Since work with numbers is my vocation
Sudoko's not a real vacation

I'll listen to the cd for awhile
And if I doze off, don't you dare smile

For maybe it's a ticket to a nap
To set my mind sailing through the gap

Between this old world and the other side
Where joy and peace are said to reside--

So then I'll come back fresh as a daisy--
Though you thought I was being lazy!

©Nov 30, 2009 Mary E. Adair

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