Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Angel Whispers

Finding our heart place, through peace and trust

As I am trying to decide to write tonight I have come to the conclusion that what I write about is not always mine. It feels like I am being led to write whatever the angels want me to write about. So I listen and wait for them to come close to me and write what I am hearing deep in my heart.

The other day I was thinking about what to write and I didn’t get very much inspiration, but then I had face book open and everyone seemed to want to speak to me that night. So I said maybe another time would be better.

Today I spoke to my angels and asked them what I should write about. And they said to write from heart because that is where the inspiration truly exists. I have written about the heart place many times and it always seems to be bit different. I am not sure why except to say that there always seems to be a different way of thinking about this heart place, which my angels seem to speak of so much.

I asked them what they wanted to speak of and I hear, two words; trust and peace.. I am not sure why these two words were spoken to me. I feel that these concepts are important in that if we are to stay in the heart place, that trust and peace are both something we need to be able to grasp. The concepts we commonly hear are trust in God, trust in the universe, trust that it will be ok, and trust in each other. I guess I am speaking about trust in God or trust in the universe. Trusting that everything is ok. Trusting the universe is doing well and that our hopes and our dreams will come to fruition in due time. Trusting all will work in divine timing.

How does this trust feel to you? Are you restless or are you at peace. Do you feel that peace that makes you feel all is good and that hopefulness for only all good to happen. Peace is an inner knowing that all is fine and the peace helps us to also feel a lot joy in our hearts. When I feel joy, it is because I feel peaceful, and because I trust in the universe. Love starts to be felt in the heart. It’s like a beacon of light working hard to shine brightly. At first it flickers then it’s able to shine very strong and everyone can feel this love that lives in your heart.

The emotions of the heart are so different from the emotions of our ego. The emotions of the ego are jealousy, anger, hate, impatience, faithlessness, and so much more. Where is the heart in these words? There is none. But words like, love, trust, peace, serenity, happy, inspiration, clarity, calm, understanding, forgiveness, healing, release, abundance, hope, faith, create are all words that reside in the heart. They are words that are positive and they speak of only success. The words spoken from the ego are words that are extremely negative and they suppress words like joy, happiness, love, peace etc. When we think from the heart and feel from the heart we find we are in a good place and that the universe is with us every step of the way.

There are a lot of ways in finding the heart place. One way that I find is really good is to make a daily grateful list, of 10 things for all that we are grateful for in our lives. Another way is to do a random act of kindness each day for someone you don’t know. And when you do this act of kindness encourage others to return an act of kindness to someone else. You start to have clarity of what is really important to you, on a deeper level. Sometimes the things that we think should matter aren’t really the reality of what we think is our reality.

What are some of the other things we could do to invite us to live in the heart. How can we help others to know what it’s like to live in the heart place? Or can we actually help people to come back to their heart place. It is really up them as we all have freewill. When the cobwebs are cleared and the fog has left there, most likely we will find the heart place, going at a pace that is our own, not someone else’s pace.

The heart place is closer than you think and when you get there you will know that is the place you can be who you truly are in all aspects of your life. The Angels await; only ask for assistance in this and they will be glad to help at any time.

We are all on a journey in our lifetime and we all have different lessons to learn. It’s up to us to be aware of the lessons to learn. The lessons all have common threads and the main thread is letting love into your life and sharing your love to others. How we get there will be the journey and while we are on our journey, to enjoy our journey to the fullest, so that we can be best we can be throughout our lives.

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