Thursday, September 1, 2011

Angel Whispers

By Peg Jones

Message from the angels for

September of 2011

As I sit here at my Laptop, I am listening to the beautiful music of Federic Delarue. Frederic is a musician whose music is inspired by the angels. He has said that it is as if the angels have taken over his keyboard and are composing this heavenly angelic music. I am listening to his newest piece. It is called, "Musical Rapture, A Healing Gift to Humanity." The music is beyond words. It is absolutely breathtaking. I love to listen to the music as it brings me to a place where the angels are. It feels as if they are singing and dancing for me personally. I can hear the solo’s and the chorus’s of this piece being played to me. It feels to me it is their gift of love to me.

There are times during the day when I feel there has been an angelic moment, a time the angels have given me a sign that they are here for me. For example, the other day I was driving home from work, and I saw a car with the license plate JONES 88. At first I thought, now that is interesting, Then I thought, whoa, I married my husband in 1988. Then I realized our anniversary is in 6 days. I thought how cool is that? Today is our anniversary.

As this music plays, I think of the different times in my life when I didn’t believe our angels are truly with us at all times. It was kind of a dark time for me. It was also a time for healing and a time for the angels to let me know they were here for me. It took a great many years to find this out. I am happy to say I know this to be so very true that my angels are with me at all times.

This music makes me think that there are all sorts of angels gathering around me listening to the music. I hear the sound of a young soprano angel singing her song and working so very hard at reaching the very high notes. The angels give me a feeling they are walking into the room I am in and they are in every part of the room sitting, standing, kneeling, They are singing and they are singing many songs of love to me and to anyone listening to this music.

The music brings tears to my eyes for it is so beautiful and full of tender gift of love towards all. I remember one time I listened to the music I was hearing poetry about their love for me and everything I was hearing was in a rhyme. They were speaking so quickly that couldn’t write down any of what they were telling me, as I was listening. I have had visions and I have had a true healing, when listening to this music. The part that I love the most is when I am dancing with the angels. It is such a feeling of healing taking place. imagine if you were dancing with the angels, how would you feel in doing this also?

I invite anyone who is interested to go to his website to read about his work and to listen to his music. His website address is: and if you want to download this beautiful Rapture the link for this is as follows Free m3 Download, Musical Rapture

Frederick asks that you do not use this music in doing meditations for a group or any sort of voice over work as it will wreck the healing quality of the music. Real healings have happened with this music and I hope that when you have the time to listen to this beautiful music that you will feel refreshed and healed on some level. He is definitely a man to be watching to see what he comes out next for healing and transformative music from the angels. Please let me know at how you found the music to be for you.

I learned about Frederick Larue from TJ Phillips, who is the founder of Believe in the Moment. Her website is dedicated to helping people get their message out to the masses. You can got to her site to find out all she offers to members of the site.

The angels do have a message for you this month and I would like to share this with you.

”We gather with you to share a message of love with you. We are with you at all times and we will help with whatever needs to be helped. We respect your freewill and we will not intrude on this in anyway. We speak with love and know that we live deeply in your heart/soul. We are your higher self, part of you that has no ego, only love. You all have love with in you and we know its shining brightly to all you know. The world needs more light shining upon it for there is darkness in many parts. We all know where they are. By sending your energy of love to these parts, they will receive this and every bit of this beacon shining towards these places will be a big help to all. Do not underestimate this ability for this is true.”

I look forward to hearing your impressions of what the music meant to you. What visions did you get? What feeling did you feel and How do you feel after the music is done playing. Do you feel the same or do you feel different? You can ask for healing of certain thing in life that needs to be healed. See how you feel after you ask for this healing while the music is being played. I wish you a happy September and I will see all of you in October.

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