Thursday, September 1, 2011

Coastal Walks

By Denise Sebastian

As she sat there watching the rain fall. The smell of wet pavement filled the air. It is the first storm of the season. Lightning flashes as she jumps in fear. Thunderstorms were never her thing. Cuddled on the couch she watches and wished she was somewhere else.

This has been the week from hell. Work has had her on her toes. Project after project, client after client it seems like a never ending story.

It’s the weekend and she doesn’t even get a break. First thing in the morning she has to drive to the coast and meet with another client to assist in their system set up. Working all the time is the price of being a successful business woman.

The wind is blowing soft and gentle on her face. It feels as if her secret love is brushing his hand across her face. She longs for that touch.

Now, she gets to drive across miles to see a client. She packs her bag making sure to have everything she needs for the trip: clothes, toiletries, oh yes not to forget the most important thing her work plan.

Having everything she needs she jumps in the car and begins her journey. Stop for fuel and the breakfast of champions, coffee and a snicker bar. She begins her trek over 199 to the coast. It was a long and curvy road that seems to go on forever, but it was amazing. The Smith River is one of the most amazingly clear rivers she has ever seen. She looked at her watch and notices she is ahead of schedule.

She thinks to herself what would it hurt to stop and just go walk along the banks and throw a couple of rocks. It’s so peaceful and forgiving. She reaches down for a rock and that is where she caught a glimpse of something in the trees.

She stands up and begins to investigate what she is viewing. There is a tree a few feet in front of her that is covered in flowers. She doesn’t know what kind of flowers but they are amazing. She ventures over to the tree and begins to pick a few.

From behind she hears a voice say that the flowers don’t compare to the beauty standing next to it. She spun around to see who was speaking, but there was no one there. She ran towards the bank to catch a glimpse of him, but again no one there. Now she was spooked so she decided it might be time to head to her appointment.

She got back to her car and there are the flowers from the tree all over her car. Spooked, she gets in her car and drives away. She can’t stop thinking of that voice.

The road to the coast is slow going do to some of the switch backs, but she made it in good time even though she stopped at the river. The client’s meeting took the rest of the day, but she got everything arranged. That means she is on her own for the rest of the weekend. She should head home, but life can wait. She is going to take this opportunity and enjoy her favorite magical spot.

She went to one of the local motels and rented a room. She changed her clothes and ventured out to the beach. As she reached her car it was again covered with flowers, but this time there was a note, “amazing beauty deserves amazing things.”

She looked around, but no one was around. She shook off the creepy feeling in her gut. Got in the car and drove to the cove just outside Crescent City.

There are always waves rolling in and the rock cliffs are magical. She locked the car and began to walk down to the beach. She could not shake this feeling that she was being followed or at least watched. She looked around, but saw nothing so she kept going.

The sounds and smells of the ocean are so calming and hypnotic. She was forgetting her worries from work and her life.

To her right was a bridge that led up to the mountains. On her left was the beach that she could follow along the rocky cliffs. She had never ventured either way. She chose to go into the mountains where the mist hides the mysteries they may hold.

About an hour passed and she heard a noise like someone was behind her. She turns, there he was. Startled, she fell backwards.

He stood there looking like a Greek God. He was around six feet tall, with sea blue eyes. Those eyes just grabbed her and held her there for what seemed like eternity. He had long brown hair that cascaded down his shoulders. He was wearing cowboy boots and jeans. The shirt was white and slightly unbuttoned.

He said hello and she thought she remembered something from before.

His voice was like an entire symphony playing. She gathered herself and replied back with a hello. He explained that he owns this land and was wondering what she was doing. She apologized and said she did not realize this was his land. She was just taking a hike. She explained she would leave now.

He moved forward and said no need to leave, but asked if he could join her. He explained that these woods were not always that safe. He would hate to see her get hurt. She thought for a moment and agreed. She really wanted to see what was up within these magical mountains. They began to talk and he seemed amazingly unreal.

They walked for a while when they came to a fork in the ravine. Which way to go she thought, but he helped her and guided them to the left. She was being very trusting of a man that sent her mind swimming in foggy delight.

She kept trying to focus on where they were going, but didn’t seem to grasp the direction.

As they came around the edge she saw the most amazing sight. The waterfall rose above them like a towering city sky scrapper. It was majestic and had three tiers that fell into a clear blue glass pool.

She looked around and the emerald green forest was full of ferns, flowers and giant redwoods. It as if she had just walked into another world.

He began to tell her where they were and what its history was. His voice arose over the waterfall as if he was part of the scenery. Then she saw it, the tree of flowers. They were the same flowers she saw at the river and on her car. The tree had not been there a minute ago. Her mind raced, where did it come from.

As she turned to ask a question her eyes met his and she was lost again. His eyes took her in completely. Her mind was numb she couldn’t feel anything but that moment. The client, work, home, nothing was there but him.

He reached down and put his hand on her face. It was warm and soft. His touch sent a warm electric wave through her entire being. He bent down and his soft lips met hers. He kissed her gently yet with power. She felt as if he was taking her into him body and soul.

All of a sudden there was a noise from around the bend. She felt herself floating. She did not want anything to interrupt this moment. It was a feeling of pure freedom and ecstasy. When her senses came too she was lying on the ground surrounded by soft flowers.

He was gone and hikers were approaching her.

In her mind she wondered, where did this mystery man go? Was she dreaming?

Then she looked down and there were the flowers.

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